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The American’s Bulletin

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Dear Subscribers:

Well, this is a little different, writing my ‘letter from the editor’ only for web page. But hey, things change …and as that applies to ‘America,’ that’s changing as well …right before our eyes.

Perception is that most Americans do not see the changes but are aiding and abetting the changes that are taking place. However, the changes if we are to assign a date to when they drastically started to change, I also go back to 1933, via the declaration of U.S., Inc.’s bankruptcy, but in reality, we could really go back further in time but the reference points would quite extensive and most people would really believe it or care one way or another.

Whether it’s the money issue, the credit card ‘chip,’ artificial intelligence (A.I.), in insurgence of the liberal-fascists and communists and/or the infestation of the illegal immigrants (Muslims) …most all the ‘other’ changes that drastically affects this Country have already been implemented and for some time now that they’ve become an ‘American Way of Life,” i.e.; the Rothschild’s foreign bankruptcy script; the Federal Reserve Notes, their IRS and misapplied ‘income tax,’ that he State(s) own all property, that children are ‘wards’ (property of the State), that the people are mere ‘tenants’ on what they think is their home and property, etc., etc., etc., etc.!!!

But, what the hell …what are going to do! There’s really no First Amendment. As many of you know by this time that the ‘Hard-copy newspaper’ – The American’s Bulletin came to an end with the publishing of the November/December 2017 issue! In one letter from our subscribers; from Ann (91 yrs old from Missouri); ‘Your paper is the best over the rest. The very best. I lived for your paper. There’s no life if I don’t get your paper.”

In my opinion, there really is no ‘First Amendment’ in this country as applied to newspapers …as all newspaper ‘corporations’ are actually owned/regulated by the States/U.S., Inc. and presumably the Pope, but he too, presumably canceled all corporations in the World, but here in land of ‘Oz,’ things are still the same. Most all of the major newspapers in American including those labeled ‘Fake-News newspapers are owned by liberal/fascists, those with foreign interests and certainly anti-American with their allegiance to Israel, but you can’t tell the people anything as most are programmed and controlled and many just don’t care.

Newspapers are to be a safeguard between the people and dastardly acts of government when they go astray, commit unconstitutional acts, violate their oaths of office and in whatever manner …rape, pillage or plunder the American people …in which ‘government’ does on a regular basis. If a newspaper also fails to educate its readers on such matters as well as the people’s Rights, Liberties, duties, Rights as juror, or on the Grand jury, etc., etc., and of any and all of the frauds being committed by so-called government or it’s corporations ..what good is it? Rubbish for the bottom of a bird cage!

Enjoy this issue … as strange as this format is on our web, solely, it is just strange to me and I do hope that if funding ever comes, we’ll get back to real deal …a newspaper that you touch, smell, read, take with you and save like most all our subscribers do (did!)

Take care, may our Creator guide and protect this Country cause ‘Congress’ ain’t doing a damn thing!

Robert Kelley






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