Stop the IRS – Where’s Your Authority?


This little booklet begins with a transcript of John Pleasant’s speech on: Delegation of Authority in Portland, Oregon in September of 1989. It also includes a sample letter requesting information about Delegation of Authority Orders. It provides the background on this very important subject that once you understand it you can rewrite this letter in your own words and in your own way. In essence, you will discover that many government agents are acting outside of their jurisdiction as they have ‘no authority’ to do what they are doing.

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You will learn about the Administrative Producers Act which was created to give you recourse when you catch a government agent acting outside of his jurisdiction and, in Mr. Pleasant’s own words; “lets you run over these guys like a steam roller. And it’s fast. It’s not a three of four or six years from now law suit, that is you file it, you get your decision tomorrow. They get ten days to respond and you get a Hearing if necessary. If these guys don’t have their ducks in a row at the hearing you get your Order: Cease and Desist or get hurt! Fella.”

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