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March / April 2018

Trump Turns Traitor?

NRA on Trump’s Gun Meeting: ‘Great TV,’ But ‘Bad Policy’

By Cathy Burke
February 28, 2018

The National Rifle Association Wednesday pounced on a bipartisan meeting on gun safety between President Donald Trump and lawmakers, saying it illustrated “great TV” but “bad policy,” The Hill reported.

During the bipartisan meeting, Trump bucked GOP orthodoxy on guns multiple times.

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,” he said.

The president also suggested raising the age for buying an assault rifle, which the NRA opposes. Additionally, Trump urged lawmakers not to include concealed-carry language in their legislation — something the NRA views as one of its top priorities, The Hill reported.

“While [Wednesday’s] meeting made for great TV, the gun control proposals discussed would make for bad policy that would not keep our children safe,” NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said in a statement to The Hill.

“Instead of punishing law-abiding gun owners for the acts of a deranged lunatic, our leaders should pass meaningful reforms that would actually prevent future tragedies.”

Baker said they can start by fixing the broken mental health system, strengthening background checks to ensure the records of people banned from possessing firearms are in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, securing schools, and preventing access to firearms for mentally ill individuals deemed dangerous, The Hill reported.

In a separate statement, Baker said the NRA has always supported efforts to keep schools safe and firearms out of the hands of people who are dangerous to themselves and others.

“Whether you love or hate firearms, we all want to send our children to safe schools and to live in safe communities,” she said, The Hill reported.

But Baker argues it can be accomplished without “shifting the focus, blame or burden onto safe, law-abiding gun owners.”

“Doing everything we can as a nation to address the problem of dangerous people committing heinous acts is not inconsistent with the Second Amendment — the systemic failures of government to keep us safe reinforces the need for the Second Amendment,” she said, The Hill reported.

“We will continue to support legislative efforts to make our schools and communities safe and oppose gun control schemes that cannot keep us safe and only punish law-abiding Americans.”

[Also, Dudley Brown, President of ‘National Association for Gun Rights’ stated; I regret to inform you that President Trump is advocating for more gun control than former President Obama EVER dreamed of passing. President Trump is calling for the elimination of due process rights, which is the only thing that has prevented numerous innocent Americans, including veterans, from having their guns ripped from their hands. All it would take is one government bureaucrat slapping a crazy label on your file for your guns to be confiscated.

National Association for Gun Rights  has a “NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS Petition” they like anyone to sign. Go to National Association for Gun to sign their petition.

TAB Editorial comment; Well, here we go again. History repeats itself and some things are too good to be true! Yep, lets “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” …just another ‘song and dance.’ Evidently incumbent & crotchety (old) politicians become lazy, biased, bought off, or become members of the liberal fascists and want to further imbed American with communism and the ‘private sector people’ who run for political office (i.e.; Donald Trump), seems also to have ‘0’ knowledge of ‘Rights, Liberties and Freedom’ concepts that was the purpose, function and intent of America …or the original ‘program’ was a fraud and a lie. We know the International/Elites/Fascists outside & inside America have stated that ‘they’ own Congress (the senators and representatives), the White House, while at the same time, own Hollywood, most all major newspapers, magazines, television stations and radio stations in America, own or control all the ‘Central Banks’ in 166 countries and here in America and others, and it is understood that they dictate the ‘to do list’ to C.E.O. Donald Trump, and of course, his son-in-law is one of the International/Elites/Fascists and of course Jewish. It’s the facts ma’am. Trump was going to drain the Swamp. Looks like he’s just jumped into it!


P.S.; C.E.O. Donald Trump and any politician that is advancing any ‘anti-gun law’ has violated their ‘oath of office’ and have committed a crime, an act of treason and have engaged in RICO activities. So, again, why haven’t these GUN ORGANIZATIONS jumped on ‘that’ band-wagon, as these acts/violations are of public record, where  all that is need is two witnesses to claim ‘TREASON,’ …could do wonders to drain the swamp and really make America Great Again …since it appears that C.E.O. Donald Trump has regrettably dropped the ball and jumped into the swamp!


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I want to thank all those who sent in a note or letter with their positive comments about TAB and of course how much they miss the real thing …a real ‘First Amendment’ newspaper that one could touch, feel, smell and read it, take with them (not like a IPhone!). A kind of newspaper that if they loaned it out to someone …it never came back… because it had so much in each issue, not like, certainly, the garbage newspaper the Main-Stream-Foreign-Corporation ‘commies’ publish.

And while things have changed as they have, don’t think for minute that my work is any less than what it was, but we’re doing as much if not more as the mission, function and purpose requires. Evidence the articles in this ‘digital’ TAB for the March/April Issue.  Shocking, Informative – WOW!

Case in point, now there’s hard evidence of the presumed swamp being drained, well it’s a start. It’s a FEDERAL INDICTMENT against Hillary Clinton and 32 other government ‘treasonists’, with obvious any number of John Does to be named later, for the crimes of RICO, Murder, violations of U.S. statues that actually applies to ‘U.S. corporate offers/employees (personum and subject matter jurisdiction) inside the foreign country called ‘District of Columbia.’ See the ‘Link Button’ on front page of the web site …it’s a 25 pager! It is in of it-self an HISTORICAL DOCUMENT …is it not?

In my opinion the articles in this ‘digital’ TAB are phenomenal and highly information and educational …of which one would not read in, again, in Main-Stream-Foreign-Corporation ‘commie’ newspapers. I do not apologize for the use of the word ‘commie’ but that’s the truth and I’m sticking to it!

Hope you find the ‘digital’ TAB informative and educational as well…

Take care and may God bless us all.

Robert Kelly

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something.  They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

– Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States,






“When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; …and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you; …you may know that your society is doomed.”

Ann Rand

Atlas Shrugged

Trump Reveals Which Democratic President Was Also KKK Member

Liberals In Meltdown Mode

By MadWorld News

On Thursday night, after seeking the council of his Chief of Staff General John Kelly, President Donald Trump approved the release of approximately 2,800 long-classified documents pertaining to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Over the weekend, Trump released the remaining documents of the notorious JFK Files, leaving news outlets from around the globe to furiously comb through the thousands of pages in search of missing pieces in the puzzling death of President Kennedy.

Perhaps the biggest bombshell to emerge was from an FBI memo recorded on January 31, 1964. According to that document, a source named Oren Fenton Potito identified a second shooter, which would suggest that the “conspiracy theories” which have long purported that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone are possibly true.

That was not the only jaw-dropping revelation which has been exposed, though. According to another document, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson was a member of the KKK.

The document states, “Ned Touchstone, editor of ‘The Councilor,’ has been identified by a confidential informant (NO 1223-R) as a member of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. The source advised in December, 1963, that Touchstone claimed that the Klan had documented proof that President Johnson was formerly a member of the Klan in Texas during the early days of his political career.”

A document released as part of the JFK Files claims that Democratic President Lyndon Johnson was a member of the KKK. (Photo Credit: U.S. Government Archives/The Gateway Pundit)

It should come as no shock that a Democratic president was a card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan. As The Gateway Pundit notes, the KKK was founded as the activist wing of the Democratic Party. Democrats in hoods slaughtered hundreds of Republicans and blacks across the country.

LBGKKK_Hood 4yhe10yraauz

It was only thanks to Republicans, who passed the anti-Ku Klux Klan Act on April 20, 1871, that the racially-motivated violence was finally put to an end.

The Enforcement Act of 1871 (17 Stat. 13), also known as the Civil Rights Act of 1871, Force Act of 1871, Ku Klux Klan Act, Third Enforcement Act, or Third Ku Klux Klan Act, is an Act of the United States Congress which empowered the President to suspend the writ of habeas corpus to combat the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other white supremacy organizations.

The act was passed by the 42nd United States Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant on April 20, 1871. The act was the last of three Enforcement Acts passed by the United States Congress from 1870 to 1871 during the Reconstruction Era to combat attacks upon the suffrage rights of African Americans.

The statute has been subject to only minor changes since then, but has been the subject of voluminous interpretation by courts. [Source: Wikipedia]

Of course, if the tables were turned and a document had surfaced which contained proof that a Republican president was a member of the KKK, we would never hear the end of it. If that were the case, the media would be all over it like white on rice.

However, since this story does not help to perpetuate the narrative that white Republican men are racist, there’s a slim chance you’ll see it reported by the mainstream media.

Help spread the word!


BUSTED! Fox News star drops BOMBSHELL on Florida sheriff


FEBRUARY 27, 2018

Fox News star Laura Ingraham dropped a bombshell on Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who oversaw the failed response to last week’s school massacre, on her show Monday.

At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, 17 innocent people were killed by a crazed gunman while at least four armed officers under Israel allegedly coward outside.

Israel and most of the mainstream media have laid the blame of the massacre squarely at the feet of the National Rifle Association. Unfazed, Israel has even called his leadership “amazing” during a series of interviews.

Not everyone is convinced. “It’s hard to imagine a more comprehensive and catastrophic failure from beginning to end than that of the sheriff’s office in the Parkland massacre. It ignored warnings that were specific and chilling about the shooter” and failed to respond decisively once the killing started, The New York Post wrote.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Israel has a “distinguished record of exceptional ineptitude and arrogance.”

And Ingraham’s bombshell may be the worst example of this “arrogance” yet, critics say. According to Ingraham, rather than face the consequences of his “ineptitude,” Israel has ordered his employees to rally around him and defend him against critics.

“Ingraham said the emails continue a pattern of defensive public relations by the department at Israel’s lead. She said that, apart from the sheriff’s repeated statements defending himself and criticizing the National Rifle Association, the Democrat’s past actions also garnered media attention,” Fox News reported. – Signs for sale!

In the purported internal email obtained by Ingaraham, Israel’s staff wrote that their political boss “find[s himself] up against a flurry of media allegations” and ordered staff to “stand” by him.

“He stood with us, and now we must stand with him,” the secret internal email reads.


TAB Editorial comment; so now we learn that “four armed officers under Sheriff Israel allegedly coward outside the school, while 17 people were killed …and then following, the Sheriff’s office initiated “a pattern of defensive public relations” cover-up …to shy away from ‘responsibility and liability.’ Most likely something that liberal democrats do, presuming their all leftists! Yet again, ANOTHER REASON FOR THE NEED AND RIGHT TO CARRY A GUN(S) [ RTC ] even by teachers. It is a God-given Right as well as an American ‘Right’ per 2nd Amendment …to be upheld, protected and defended by every elected official, officers including ‘police’ and their agency employees …and if violated ..they’ve committed a crime and commits TREASON!

Recent facts (last ten years) where a gun or guns were used to protect life and property is in the thousands in America. Yet these ‘false flags operations’ initiated by most likely ‘Deep State’ government, is to further advance their communist program of gun confiscation, while innocent people are killed. So where’s the out-cry from all the ‘Gun Organizations and the gun-owners in America raising their voices, screaming from the roof-tops, to counter this ‘gun confiscation program’ (intent) at every one of these shooting, from where these gun organizations ought to be advancing the gun owning Americans everywhere to either carry concealed or openly all across America, because IT IS THEIR RIGHT, to help save lives. This matter takes me back to our publishing the story on Kennesaw, Georgia (1981/81) where the city passed a gun ordinance (for G.P.) that all people could carry a gun and keep gun(s) at home. Ordinance passed, CRIME dropped 95% overnight! AN ARMED SOCIETY IS A PEACEFUL SOCIETY!

Islam Must Be Stopped If Western Civilization Is To Survive

Population-Chart-300x300 By Amil Imani
Feb 20, 2018

Islam has spawned many sects that are master practitioners of the art of double standards. As far as Muslims are concerned, what is good for Muslims is not good for the non-Muslims; and what is bad for Muslims is good for non-Muslims.

What complicates matters is that there is no way of knowing which of the dozens of at-each-other’s-throat sects is the legitimate Islam. As soon as Muhammad died, his religion of peace became a house of internal war: jockeying for power and leadership started, sects formed and splintered into sub-sects, and bloodletting began in earnest.

The internal infighting in Islam is presently playing in full color – in red – most dramatically, in the Iraq and Afghanistan and other Islamic theaters. Shiite raid Sunni civilians, slaughter them like sheep, and toss their bodies like trash in the streets or the rivers. The Sunnis return the favor with just as much viciousness and savagery.

Question: If this is the way these Muslims treat each other, how would they deal with the infidels if they had the chance?

Answer: These devoted followers of Muhammad would deal with the infidels exactly the way Muhammad did: behead the non-believers, take them as slaves to hold or sell, or make them pay back-breaking jizya – poll taxes.

Some may object that writings like this are little more than hate-mongering and fanning the fire that rages between Islam and the non-Islamic world. They may further play the Islamic apologists’ few, well-worn propaganda cards as evidence for their contention that Islam is not what its detractors claim.

Here are the few favorite cards:

♦ “There is no compulsion in religion,” says the Quran. (But the full context is never shown.)
♦ Islam means “peace,” so Islam is a religion of peace.
♦ “For you, your religion, and for me, my religion,” Muhammad reportedly said.

The Muslims and their apologists quickly run out of their few cards, and the rest of the Islamic deck is all about intolerance, hatred and violence toward the infidels, toward all others who are not true Muslims, and even toward those who consider themselves Muslims. Shiites, for instance, judge the Sunnis as traitors to Islam, and Sunnis condemn the Shiites as heretics. Each side deems the other worthy of death and hellfire.

This internecine Islamic war of the religion of peace is not confined to the Shiite-Sunni divide. There are so many internal divisions within each side that listing and describing them comprehensively would be an encyclopedic work.

So, who is right? What are the facts about Islam and how does Islam impact the ever-shrinking village Earth and its inhabitants? Admittedly, this is a huge question and cannot be answered satisfactorily in one article. However, some facts can be presented to help the reader decide.

There is no need to belabor the point that Islam is not, and has never been, a religion of peace. The word Islam is derived from taslim, which purely means “submission,” while the term for “peace” is solh. Another derivation of the word taslim is “salema”, which means “good health” and so on.

Irrespective of what the term Islam may mean, the facts on the ground conclusively demonstrate Islam’s violent nature from its very inception. No need to go back to the time of Muhammad and examine the historical records. Just a few contemporary events should make the point.

Here is a partial list: the savage Shiite-Sunni bloodletting in Iraq; the barbarism of the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan; the genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region; the Somali killings; the Iranian mullahs’ murder of their own people and support of mischief abroad; the incessant terrorist acts of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad on Israel, and numerous fatwas on infidels and the apostates; the bombing of Shiite mosques in Pakistan and Iraq and the Shiite retaliation against soft, innocent and civilian targets.

Clearly, there is no place on the planet where Muslims reside that is in peace from the religion of peace. America, Spain, France, Netherlands, England, Thailand, France, India and Indonesia have already been attacked, while others, such as Denmark, have been threatened and sanctioned.

Stretching the benefit of the doubt beyond limits, one may believe that all these acts of horrors are committed by a small minority of thugs and radicals who happened to be Muslims. Fine, let us ignore all those “fringes” for now – those who are giving Islam a bad reputation. And never mind Saudi Arabia, the cradle of barbarism, fixed in formaldehyde since Islam’s inception. Also, let us overlook the dastardly Shiite fanatics presently ruling (ruining) the great nation of Iran. Iranian Shiite Hitlerists are hell-bent on wiping Israel off the face of the planet, while viciously devastating Iran’s own largest minority – the Baha’is, people universally-recognized as law-abiding and peaceful.

Islamic rules are called Sharia law or the Islamic law. Sharia law is a misnomer, for laws must be squarely based on justice and fairness to all, while Sharia law is nothing more than a primitive set of dogmata stipulated by men for the benefit of Muslim men.

Sharia law disenfranchises women from their legitimate equal rights with men; prescribes barbaric punishments such as stoning, amputation of limbs and death. Sharia law, contrary to what its advocates claim, does not limit application of its draconian provisions to Muslims only: it considers any and all disputes involving Muslims with non-Muslims also in its purview to adjudicate. Sharia law is inherently arbitrary, obsolete, and discriminatory to the extreme. Wherever Sharia law rules, injustice prevails. Non-Muslims, women, and even children are victimized by its biased and cruel provisions.

Sharia law represents a twist to the concept of Blind Justice: It is indeed blind to justice. Even a cursory examination of Sharia’s family law, for instance, proves unequivocally its blindness to justice: it makes the shameful past laws, such as Jim Crow laws, seem as paragons of fairness by comparison.

These are the conditions on the ground wherever Sharia rules. Violence of all forms is endemic to Islamic law and is not confined to any fringes. Sharia law itself is the fringe–a fringe that is oppressive, hateful of others and violent to the core. Presently, fanatical Islam is lashing out with mad fury before its own final demise. The “infidel” world has been complicit in the surge of Islamism through its mistakes, complacency, and greed.


Warning: Islam is not a religion but a political ideology which incites hate, violence, intolerance and terror. Islamists are terminators. You cannot bargain with them. You cannot reason with them. They do not feel pity or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until all the infidels are dead or have submitted to Islam. “The only language the Islamists understand is the language of brute force.

In non-Muslim lands, Islamism, flush with Petrodollars, has been accelerating in its drive for the world Caliphate and is moving at the speed of light by building more mosques, printing more indoctrinating Islamic books, imposing more its presence in the western culture, in our schools and university campuses, bullying, intimidating and challenging more Christians and other peaceful people of faith and by using our democratic laws against us.

In the Islamdom, they can dish out insults to non-Muslims; arrest Christians, Bahia’s or the Jews just for praying. They can confiscate their Holy books and toss them in the trash. They call the Jews pigs and monkeys, and spit on anyone that isn’t Muslim. But they go into frenzies of righteous outrage at the slightest criticism of their barbaric and highly dangerous beliefs.

They never need to challenge the existing political order in our country, but can achieve all their goals without bothering or violating the Constitution of the U.S. because that Constitution guarantees complete government non-interference toward religion. Finally, and the most important element perhaps is the extreme coziness and appeasement by the current U.S. administration towards Islam, Muslims and radical Muslims which will recklessly and unknowingly drag the whole country and her citizens into an everlasting Islamic inferno, an inferno similar to the Islamic Republic of Iran and other Islamic terrorist countries.

A constitutional amendment must be passed quickly defining Islam as a hostile political force with a global totalitarian agenda, and as such is totally inimical to our constitution and our national security, and that further to this definition, all practicing Muslims must either renounce this cult or be deported to their countries of origin, and all mosques must be demolished, since their goal is to propagate political propaganda, which has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘religion’ – let alone one of ‘peace’. That’s going to be the final ‘solution’ for Islam in America.

“Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” Qur’an:9:5

“Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission.” Qur’an:9:29

We must also end the deadly practice of “Political Correctness.” Truth, only naked truth, can set us free. And freedom is our greatest gift of life. Life without freedom is death disguised as life. Remember Patrick Henry’s cry: Give me liberty or give me death. Humanity cannot afford, and must not ignore, the emergence of the latest threat to its very existence on this planet. We must fight for life, for liberty, for freedom and end the nightmare of Islamic hellfire.

© 2018 Amil Imani – All Rights Reserved

TAB Editor comment; so what need ye to understand about the mindset, wrath and political ideology of the Muslim? They are an infestation in America (just look Dearborn Michigan!), orchestrated and brought into our country by liberal-left-wing-fascists who want to bring America to its knees and reduce America to a third-world country with multiple races, to eventually eliminate the ‘white Race,’ with the Muslim belief that they are empowered by the ideology to ‘kill the infidels’ (those who do not worship Allah), not a bad program instituted by the elites, Rothschild Jewish banking families, etc., which has been their goal for hundreds of years.


Are We Losing America To Endless Immigration?

by Frosty Wooldridge
Mar 01, 2018

Today in America we face being forced to overlap hundreds of cultures and religions into our midst without any understanding of the final result: cultural disintegration of our country.

Any society that lacks courageous leadership faces paralyzing fear from its governors, to its mayors all the way to its average citizens.  Today, in America, we watch old men and women in Congress fudging, excusing and pushing for endless immigration from antagonistic countries and cultures from all over the world.

Does anyone think a Somalian, Congolese, Indonesian, Sudanese, Ethiopian, Iranian, Afghanistanian, Syrian, Egyptian or dozens of other ethnic groups possess anything in common with average Americans?  Can their violent religions that created their millions of refugees co-exist with America’s basic cultural and religious foundation?

By our own hand, we watch our leaders lead us into the jaws of racial, cultural and sociological conflict the likes never seen in the world before.  Or have we?  This 15-minute video shows exactly what happened to other societies that allowed endless immigration.

This is not ‘if’: this situation barrels toward us like a Formula 1 racing car!

“Immigrants devoted to their own cultures and religions are not influenced by the secular politically correct façade that dominates academia, news-media, entertainment, education, religious and political thinking today,” said James Walsh, former Associate General Counsel of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. “They claim the right not to assimilate, and the day is coming when the question will be how can the United States regulate the defiantly unassimilated cultures, religions and mores of foreign lands?  Such immigrants say their traditions trump the U.S. legal system.  Balkanization of the United States has begun.”

One look at the multicultural chaos invading Europe and Canada might give anyone a sobering look at reality.  Rape from Moslem immigrants permeates every sector of every country in Europe.  That’s their norm to treat women like property.  They ‘honor kill’ 20,000 of their women annually as a normal aspect of Islamic Law.  And, we think we’re going to escape that reality?  (Source: United Nations report on “Honor Killings.”)

On February 2, 2018, Asst. DA from DHS, Ed O’Callihan stood up at White House press room to state, “We now have 23 to 27 honor killings in the United States annually.  We reported 500,000 female genital mutilations in the USA from Moslem immigrants.”

Yet, virtually all of 535 members of Congress, save Steve King (R-IA), Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) and Peter King (R-NY), do nothing to stop the legal immigrant flood boiling into our nation.  None of those representatives cares a twit for future generations as they chase their tails figuring out how to deal with 13 Russian spies who diddled their way around our 2016 presidential election.  When, at the same time, 20 million illegal aliens wreak havoc on our own schools, medical facilities, traffic, shoplifting, drug networks, thefts and killings.

“Every age, every culture, every custom and tradition has its own character, its own weakness and its own strength. It features its beauties and ugliness; accepts certain sufferings as matters of course, and puts up patiently with certain evils.  Human life is reduced to real suffering and hell—only when two ages, two cultures and religions overlap.” —Herman Hesse

We’re being saturated, infiltrated and doused with immigrants who possess no understanding or affinity toward our culture, our laws and our way of life.  We’re being forced into diversity and multicultural chaos.

Cowardice, not courage, remains the cause of our U.S. Congress, and it will reign supreme if we fail to stand our ground. If this doesn’t concern you, you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

Courage and fear carry zero tolerance for each other, and it’s time we choose which will characterize our nation by choosing which will characterize each of our lives and families. If we want courage to arise in our nation, it must arise in each of our lives.

“Diversity within a nation destroys unity and leads to civil wars,” said social scientist Garret Hardin. “Immigration, a benefit during the youth of a nation, can act as a disease in its mature state. Too much internal diversity in large nations has led to violence and disintegration. We are now in the process of destabilizing our own country. The magic words of destabilizers are ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’.”

If you don’t want a Paris, France, San Bernardino or Orlando or Fort Lauderdale event in your community, it’s time to call for a total “Immigration Shutdown Now.”

Call your senators and House rep:  1 202 224 3121 or 1 888 995 2086. Demand a stop to all immigration and stop to any Syrian immigration.

Definition of slogan: ”Immigration Shutdown Now means the American people want a total shutdown on all legal and illegal immigration. That means we want all illegal immigration stopped by arresting, prosecuting and jailing employers of illegal aliens. We deport all illegal aliens by taking their jobs away and as we catch them.  We want English mandated as our national language. We demand a cessation of Muslim immigration in order to protect our culture, language and way of life. We can’t save the world but we can save or destroy our civilization.  We demand a stable population that allows everyone to live, work and thrive into the 21st century. Especially our children.” FHW

(Permission to republish this population graph by Roy Beck,

Muslims cannot in any way become Americans. The Koran forbids it.  Their entire context of religious-political Sharia Law demands subjugation to their religion with no allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. The Koran forbids women’s rights, marital choice, free speech, gay rights and religious rights.  Our way of life remains completely out of bounds to Islam. This 4-minute video explains our plight.

That’s why you need to take action. Send this series to everyone in your network. Educate them.  Urge them to take action by joining these websites to become faxers of prewritten letters and phone callers.  We must force Congress into an “Immigration Shutdown Now!”

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Clinton Foundation boondoggle

Have you wondered why the Clinton Foundation folded so suddenly after Hillary was no longer in a position of influence? Perhaps this summary will provide some insight??

They list 486 employees (line 5)! It took 486 people who are paid $34.8 million and $91.3 million in fees and expenses, to give away $5.1 MILLION.

This is real. You can check the return yourself (see below). The real heart of the Clintons can be seen here. Staggering but not surprising.. These figures are from an official copy of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea

Clinton Foundation for the tax year 2014. The copy of the tax return is from the National Center for Charitable Statistics web site. You can obtain the latest tax return on any charitable organization there.

The Clinton Foundation:
Number of Employees (line 5) 486
Total revenue (line 12) $177,804,612.00
Total grants to charity (line 13) $5,160,385.00
(this is less than 3%)
Total expenses of $91,281,145.00 Expenses include:
Salaries (line 15) $34,838,106.00
Fund raising fees (line 16a) $850,803.00 Other expenses (line 17) $50,431,851.00 HUH??????
Travel $8,000,000.00
Meetings $12,000,000.00

Net assets/fund balances (line 22) $332,471,349.00

So it required 486 people, who were paid $34.8 million, plus $91.3 million in fees and expenses, to give away $5.1 MILLION! And they call this a CHARITY?

This is one of the greatest white-collar crimes ever committed. And just think—one of the participants was a former president and one (gasp!) wanted to be elected president of the United States. If justice was truly served they would both be in prison.
Feel free to pass this on to your friends so they can also be informed…

Over 400 Muslims Just Arrested In ‘LARGEST BUST IN US HISTORY’

Federal officials said a group of Michigan doctors was responsible for a major chunk of the scheme.

One of the clinics hit in the sting operations is in Farmington. Federal officials said the opioid epidemic is part of it, but the medical office and a number of others were set up specifically as a criminal enterprise to rip off Medicare.

Federal officers raided the Fisher Building Wednesday, and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said their work accounted for 10 percent of the scam’s value.

‘Six doctors in Michigan prescribed patients with unnecessary opioids, some of which ended up for sale on the streets,’ Sessions said.

A physician group called Global Quality used to operate out of a Woodward Avenue office building.”

The ring leader of the massive Medicare scam is Muslim Mashiyat Rashid, who profited with an astounding $164 million from the fraud. He had had no qualms about rubbing the American taxpayers’ noses in what he stole from them, frequently bragging about his large piles of cash on social media.

Here’s an image he posted on Facebook where he poses beside his Bentely sedan and corporate jet…all bought and paid for with the Medicare money he scammed from the American taxpayer.

Other nauseating pictures show Rashid standing at the NBA finals with his court-side tickets, enjoying a life of opulence he enjoyed while screwing over the American people. Rashid’s name is included in court documents as Feds prepare their case for trial, where Muslim doctors Joseph Betro, Spilios Pappas, Abdul Haq, Tariz Omar and Mohammad Zahoor were busted working directly with Rashid in recent years to make their millions.

More than 400 others across the country were charged late last week for taking part in the health care scam in connection with a raid last week at the Fisher Building in Detroit. Other Muslim defendants include:

Mashiyat Rashid, of Oakland County – controlled, owned or operated Global Quality, Aqua Therapy, Tri-County Physicians, Tri-State Physicians, New Center Medical, National Laboratories, and Tri-County Wellness; Yasser Mozeb, of Oakland County – allegedly received payments from Global Quality and Tri-County Wellness; Abdul Haq, of Washtenaw County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Aqua Therapy, Tri-County Physicians and Tri-State Physicians; Joseph Betro, of Oakland County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Tri-County Physicians and New Center Medical; Tariz Omar, of Oakland County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Tri-County Physicians. Mohammed Zahoor, of Oakland County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Tri-County Physicians. Trump’s Justice Department isn’t messing around, as the defendants are being brought up on a plethora of federal charges, including five counts of health care fraud and health care fraud conspiracy. Rashid has additionally been charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States and money laundering, receipt of kickbacks in connection with a federal health care program, and payment of kickbacks in connection with federal health care program. In all, investigators say that Rashid’s companies’ fraudulently billed Medicare $126 million, with a total of $1.3 billion in similar scams across the country.

We must continue to sound the alarm about what’s going right underneath our noses. This isn’t the first time that Muslims have ripped off Americans with fraud, and with the hordes of migrants that liberals keep fighting to bring into our country, stories like this will sadly become the new norm if the American people do not wake the hell up soon!


Stop The Pirates


From Minnesota Republic

All these courts are privately owned trading companies. The united States district courts are all owned…those are your article one courts. They’re all owned by the united States attorney’s executive offices out of Washington DC which is a privately owned corporation. They’re article one legislative tribunals. They’re not courts. They have a DUNS number, they have a pit code, sip code, NAICS number (North America Identification Security Classification). You have to have that number in order to trade internationally.

All these courts are registered with the DOD, Department of Defense. They have a DUNS number which is Data Universal Numbering System. That’s a Dun & Bradstreet. You have to be registered with CCR, Contractors Central registration under the DOD. They have another department called the DLIS, Defense Logistics Information Service. The DLIS issues a case code that’s spelled CAGE, Commercial And Government Entity which corresponds to the bank account. They have a bank account. They take everything that you file into the court and they securitize it. And these banks [ ] and all these banks are registered, they have a depository agreement, a security agreement and an escrow agreement. And most of them are registered with the Federal Reserve bank of New York city. And they use what they call…North Carolina uses a circular 16, they use as their depository agreement.

They take public funds and they deposit them under a…it’s called a depository resolution agreement. And they have a security agreement which the clerk of the courts signs with the bank. And they have an escrow agent that acts as the go-between the Federal Reserve Bank that they have the account with…so all these courts are taking your money and funneling it into an escrow account. Most of them are in New York.

There’s 60 trillion dollars of your money in the federal reserve bank of New York city. And they’ve told the courts not to rule against the banks on these foreclosure cases. They’re all in bed together. And what these lawyers are doing is acting as private debt collectors. And under the Debt Collectors Practices Act, it’s called the FDCPA and its title 15 section 1692. In order to be…when you’re a public debt collector you have to be registered with the government, and you have to have a license and you have to have a bond in order to collect debt. Well these attorneys are what you call private debt collectors and they don’t have a [license & bond]…the attorneys are exempted by the BAR association on that provision, but their firm is not. The firm they work for has to be registered and they have to have a license and a bond and they don’t. And all these court cases that you’re involved in, these attorneys are acting as private debt collectors. And what they’re doing is collecting money from you as private debt collectors and they’re not licensed or bonded to do that. And they do this through what they call Warrant of Attorney. Black’s law dictionary of 1856 defines what a warrant of an attorney is. It’s like a writ of execution. It’s like a put or a call. When you do a marching call that means they use it to buy equity securities.

They securitize everything that you file into court which means they turn it into a negotiable instrument. Then they sell it as a commercial item. They call them distressed debt, these debt collectors, that what Unifund is, they come in and buy up all these court judgments as distressed debt. Then they put them into hedge funds and they sell them to investors globally. And of course when you get into selling debt instruments you’re creating a security risk. Anytime you get into risk management you have to have re-insurance. That’s where Luer Hermes comes in. They’re an underwriting company. And they’re a sub division of Alliance SE out of Munich Germany. And they’re the US agency that acts as a bond holder for Alliance SE is PIMCO bonds who takes all your securities, they pool them, and that’s what they do on these mortgage loans, go to their web site and it’ll tell you that’s what they do.

All of your mortgage loans are securities. The notes have a maturity of more than 9 months so they’re a security by definition. If you go to title 15 section 77 A b 1 it tells you that any note with a maturity of more than 9 months is a security by legal definition and an investment contract. So when you sign and indorse these notes as the drawer and the maker you’re in an investment contract. And you gave them a security. They take the security and they securitize it. As soon as they securitize it and indorse it for payment, they’ve securitized it. The loan is no longer secured.

They’ve collapsed the trust and there’s no corpus in the trust under probate law. And what they do is sell it as a mortgage backed security. Well PIMCO takes the mortgage backed security pools over and sells them as bonds. So bonds actually come from pooled securities. And they sell these on the TBA market globally. And all these courts are involved in that.

And the only time you can stop them is when you make them liable and that’s what I’ve been doing. I do a letter rogatory which is a letter of instruction under the Hague convention. And it’s under title 18 section 1781 and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure I believe its 28 B. And you tell them what you want them to do. You make a contract with them. When you go into these courts you contract with them. And they run the court room.



RESOLVED, That all living Democrats holding federal political office and the officers, agents and authorized representatives of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) be impeached, or tried and convicted for corruption and racketeering and removed from office for corruption, high crimes and misdemeanors, (pursuant to Article 3, Section 3, Clause 1 of the U. S. Constitution) and that the following articles of impeachment to be exhibited to the Senate:



In the conduct of their respective political office and offices, all Democrats holding federal political office and the officers, agents and authorized representatives of the Democrat National Committee, (DNC) in violation of each of their constitutional oaths to faithfully execute their legislative duties and respective offices and, to the best of their ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of their constitutional duty to take care that the laws, rules and policies they pass are constitutional, have failed in that duty for at least the last 100 years and further have prevented, obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice for political and financial gain.

For the purpose of securing political and financial gain, said named office holders used the powers of their high office, to engage personally and through their close subordinates and agents, in a course of conduct or plan designed to delay, impede, and obstruct the investigation of Democrat corruption, vice and greed; and to cover up, conceal and protect those responsible; and to conceal the existence and scope of other unlawful covert activities.

The means used to implement this course of conduct or plan included one or more of the following:

1. … making false or misleading statements to lawfully authorized investigative officers and employees of the United States;

2. … withholding relevant and material evidence or information from lawfully authorized investigative officers and employees of the United States;

3. … approving, condoning, acquiescing in, and counseling witnesses with respect to the giving of false or misleading statements to lawfully authorized investigative officers and employees of the United States and false or misleading testimony in duly instituted judicial and congressional proceedings;

4. … interfering or endeavoring to interfere with the conduct of investigations by the Department of Justice of the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the office of Special Counsel, and Congressional Committees;

5. … approving, condoning, and acquiescing in, the surreptitious payment of substantial sums of money for the purpose of obtaining the silence or influencing the testimony of witnesses, potential witnesses or individuals who participated in such unlawful entry and other illegal activities;

6. … endeavoring to misuse and abuse the executive powers of the Secret Service, the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI and the NSA and other agencies of the United States;

7. … disseminating information and other classified documents received from officers of the Department of Justice of the United States and Congressional Committees, to subjects of investigations conducted by lawfully authorized investigative officers and employees of the United States, for the purpose of aiding and assisting such subjects in their attempts to avoid criminal liability;

8. … making or causing to be made false or misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States into believing that a thorough and complete investigation had been conducted with respect to allegations of misconduct on the part of certain Democrat operatives and Democrat presidential candidates, or

9. … endeavoring to cause prospective defendants, and individuals who should by now have been tried and convicted, to expect favored treatment and consideration in return for their silence or false testimony, or rewarding individuals for their silence or false testimony.

In all of this, Democrat federal political office holders and officers, agents and authorized representatives of the DNC, have acted in a manner contrary to their trust as legislators and officers and have acted subversive of constitutional government, with malice and for political and financial gain, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.

Wherefore Democrat federal office holders and officers, agents and authorized representatives of the Democrat National Committee (DNC), by such conduct, warrant impeachment and trial, and removal from office.


Using and abusing the powers of their respective offices, Democrat federal Office holders, including Democrat presidents, in violation of their constitutional oath faithfully to execute the laws, and their office as legislators of the United States Congress and, to the best of their ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in reckless disregard of their constitutional duty to take care that all laws they pass be constitutional and financially sound, have repeatedly engaged in conduct violating the constitutional rights of citizens, impairing the due and proper administration of justice and the conduct of lawful inquiries, or contravening, or misusing the laws governing agencies of the executive and legislative branches of government and the purpose of these agencies; namely the Secret Service, the DOJ, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA and the FISA court.

This corrupt conduct has included one or more of the following:

1. … They have, acting personally and through their subordinates and agents and even the office of the president of the United States, used the Internal Revenue Service, (IRS) in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, to subject certain conservative groups for special scrutiny in order to deny these groups their lawful 501(c)(3) or (4) tax exemptions, prior to a presidential election. They further used confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposes not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax or other federal agency investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory, abusive and illegal manner.

2 … They have misused the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the Secret Service, and other executive personnel, in violation or disregard of the constitutional rights of citizens, by directing or authorizing such agencies or personnel to conduct or continue electronic surveillance or other investigations for political purposes, unrelated to national security, the enforcement of laws, or any other lawful function of their offices; they did direct, authorize, or permit the use of information obtained thereby for purposes unrelated to national security, the enforcement of laws, or any other lawful function of their offices; and they did direct the concealment of certain records made by the FBI of electronic surveillance.

3. … They have, acting in collusion and through their subordinates and agents, in violation of and negligent disregard of the constitutional rights of citizens, authorized and permitted the un-lawful, un-masking of American citizens and the creation of opposition research, financed in part with money derived from Democrat presidential campaign contributions and the DNC, which unlawfully utilized the resources of the CIA, DOJ, FBI, NSA and FISA courts, and further engaged in covert and other unlawful activities.

4. … They have failed to take care that the laws were faithfully executed by failing to act when they knew or had reason to know that their close subordinates endeavored to impede and frustrate lawful inquiries by duly constituted executive, judicial and legislative entities concerning on-going corruption and racketeering and the cover-up thereof, and concerning other unlawful activities.

5. … In disregard of the rule of law, they knowingly misused their executive and legislatives powers by interfering with agencies of the executive branch, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Office of Special Counsel, the Department of Justice, the Central Intelligence Agency and the FISA courts, in violation of their respective oaths to preserve, protect and defend the United States Constitution.

In all of this, said Democrat Federal Office Holders and officers, agents and authorized representatives of the DNC have acted in a manner contrary to their trust and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.

Wherefore said Democrat Federal Office Holders and officers, agents and authorized representatives of the DNC, by such conduct, warrant impeachment and trial, and removal from office.


In their conduct, said Democrat Federal Office Holders and officers, agents and authorized representatives of the DNC for the last 100 years have acted contrary to and in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land, TO WIT:

1. … Democrat office holders for the last 100 years or more, in violation of their oaths of office to preserve, protect and defend the U. S. Constitution and to preserve, protect and defend individual liberty, were instrumental in passing laws and legislation with the express purpose of turning lawful American citizens of the respective states, into “subjects” of the federal government, as follows:

a. The passage of the 16th Amendment in 1913 by the Democrat Congress and signed by Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, creating the Federal Reserve that is a private corporation and neither federal, or a reserve; and in creating the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) thereby indenturing the income of every American citizen of the individual states to the payment of the nation’s debt, which as of today has exploded to $20.6 Trillion, thanks to the unconstitutional acts of all federal Democrats, whether living or deceased.

b. The removal of the Gold Standard in 1933 by FDR (a Democrat), which rendered every American dollar a fiat, debt currency.

c. The passage of the Social Security Act by FDR and the Democrat Congress where every individual’s social security number became the loan number for the nation’s debt. By signing IRS Form 1040 in the process of paying the federal tax each year, the person signing Form 1040 agrees that they are a citizen of the Federal Government, (A U. S. Citizen) not a citizen of the state in which he or she resides. The distinction between state or federal jurisdiction is of major importance to each American person as to their individual liberties.

d. The passage of the “New Deal” by FDR and the Democrat Congress, which created massive government subsidies to a whole host of individuals and businesses, many of which still live today. There was and is nothing in the U. S. Constitution that authorized the passage of the “New Deal.”

e. The passage of President Lynden Johnson’s (a Democrat) Great Society Act, which led to a perpetual welfare class and rising welfare subsidies.

f. The explosion of federal environmental laws, passed mostly by Democrats in the 1970’s, which has led to giant increases in costs and time to build anything in the United States, or any state, or any county, or any city, or any private enterprise. This explosion of environmental laws has further led to the unconscionable erosion of constitutionally protected property rights where rural landowners have become the punching bag for environmental zealots and wealthy environmental advocacy groups. Instead of a nation of “can do’s” we have become a nation of “can’t do’s” because of highly restrictive and mostly unconstitutional environmental regulations. Under current environmental law, the nation’s freeway system could not have been built. Under current environmental law, State Democrat federal office holders are purposely and unconstitutionally forcing the citizens of their respective states to endure and pay for very costly ill-advised, environmental rules and regulations regarding CO2 emissions from cars, agriculture and industry in support of the un-substantiated Climate Change international con game.

g. The Democrat federal office holder’s and their enabler’s stated policy of open borders has been instrumental over the last 60 years in the invasion of decidedly poor, uneducated illegal immigrants from many nations, but mostly from Central and South America. This open border policy has led to huge increases in welfare, education, housing, and medical care expenses for illegal immigrants, in the hundreds of billions of dollars every year, that ends up rewarding law breaking. This Democrat policy has led to lower wages for American workers. It has led to illegal immigrants that have no intention of assimilating or becoming American citizens but rather would live off American’s forced generosity, at the point of a federal gun. This irrational open border policy has exposed America and Americans to terrorist threats from all over the world. The only possible and evil purpose for this open border policy is for future Democrat voters.

h. Democrat federal office holders and their enablers are wholly responsible for the rapid increase of welfare programs (for votes) such that there are now at least 80 overlapping social programs that are rife with waste, fraud, abuse and wide-spread corruption, leading to budget-busting deficits and debt. The poor in America live better than the poor in any other nation on planet earth, with subsidized housing, free health care, food stamps, cell phones and plasma TV’s thanks to Democrats who pander to the poor with taxpayer money for votes. Democrat social engineering has driven America to the brink of bankruptcy, if it isn’t already bankrupt, but government hasn’t told us yet.

i. Democrat federal office holders and their enablers are wholly responsible for creating the entitlement programs of Medicare and Medicaid that are rife with waste, fraud, abuse and wide-spread corruption, turning once self-reliant American citizens into wards of the government for their living subsistence and health care.

j. Democrat federal office holders and their enablers are wholly responsible for passing Obama Care which nationalized 17% of America’s Gross Domestic Product and brought chaos and rapidly rising costs to health care, that now can’t be fixed. Meanwhile, middle-income productive Americans, who have virtually lost their health insurance under Obama Care, are paying the taxes that are paying for the health care of lower income people who get their health care for free.

k. Democrat federal office holders and their enablers are wholly responsible for bastardizing our public and higher education systems where objective education has turned into intense indoctrination for collectivism, multi-culturalism, political correctness, socialism, radical environmentalism, one-world-order and other un-American gibberish. Leaders in education have further managed to brainwash their student population with the Democrat-Progressive ideology for decades. The force of a liberal biased majority, the press, progressive professors and outright violence, have almost silenced conservative thoughts and ideas about individual liberty, less government, lower taxes, less regulation and individual self-reliance.

l. Democrat federal office holders and their enablers are wholly responsible for dividing America into warring constituency groups, by ethnicity, gender, age, rich, poor, immigrants, the disabled and other minorities, to the point that they fight amongst each other for the spoils of government largess but all the while voting for Democrats. The results of the Democrat’s social efforts have broken up the nuclear family, destroyed the sanctity of marriage, created rifts in religions, scrambled and confused biological norms and have whipped up racial tensions for political gain. Democrats have engaged in propaganda, hype, deceptions, distortions and outright lies to gain political advantage, or fill their wallets.

m. Democrat federal office holders and their enablers moved with ferocity to take away constitutionally protected, 2nd Amendment gun rights from law abiding citizens. Democrats are in sync with the United Nations whose stated goal is to disarm every person on every continent.

n. Democrat federal office holders and their enablers, mostly attorneys, have thrown so many monkey wrenches into our legal system it no longer represents the Article III Common Law courts that were envisioned by the Founders and codified into law in the U. S. Constitution. From the impossible Federal Rules of Civil Procedure passed in the late 1940’s, to the elimination of citizen grand juries, to the elimination of jury nullification, to the use of case law, the right to a speedy trial has been repealed, with long drawn-out trials. The right to a fair trial has been repealed via mandatory sentencing laws and excessive use of plea-bargaining. The right to a fair trial has been repealed by judges that withhold information from juries. The Supreme Court has ruled that attorneys may not remind juries of their jury nullification privilege. When a judge gives instructions to a jury, they are specifically barred from notifying the jury of their right to jury nullification. This was not accomplished by passing a law. It was merely a court ruling. Further, biased jury selection methods have also repealed trial by jury. Knowledgeable and smart jurors are usually excluded in favor of jurors who will blindly follow the judge’s orders. Originally, a jury was supposed to be 12 jurors drawn at random with no exceptions. The current legal system leads to judge and jury shopping. Although clients pay their attorneys, the attorneys never fully represent their clients. The attorney’s loyalty is to the court, the court system and the national and state BAR Associations. Justice is not only blind, it is wholly corrupt.

o. Democrat federal office holders and their enablers have set the tone and policies that filter down to and infiltrate the federal bureaucracies and state, county and local level politics. It has also been documented that the Democrats started and ran the KKK. The freedom well of America has been forever poisoned by Democrat policies and ideology such that it will take generations to purify.

p. Finally, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) has proven to be wholly un-trust worthy and a hopelessly corrupt, racketeering enterprise that will stoop to anything, including criminality, to reach its political goals. In the 2016 election campaign, the DNC rigged the system in favor of its ordained candidate, Hillary R. Clinton and did everything in its power to subvert and destroy the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. Corrupt is too nice a word for the DNC. The current officers, agents and authorized representatives of the DNC should be tried, convicted and sent to jail for past and on-going criminal activities.

2. … And such other violations of the U. S. Constitution, statute law, individual liberties and ethical conduct by Democrat federal officers and their enablers, too numerous to mention here.

In all of this, all living Democrat federal political office holders and officers, agents and authorized representatives of the DNC, and their enablers, have acted in a manner contrary to their trust as presidents, legislators, government officers and officers of the DNC and have acted subversive of constitutional government, with malice and for political and financial gain, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.

Wherefore all living Democrat Office holders and officers, agents and authorized representatives of the Democrat National Committee (DNC), by such conduct, warrant impeachment and trial, and removal from office.

Signed and executed this 00 day of February, 2018 by:

         Paul Ryan        

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan
Representative, State of Wisconsin

TAB Editor comment; of course this Petition in the nature of ‘Articles of Impeachment’ have not been signed by Paul Ryan, and yet may be signed, but time will tell, however the ‘Articles Impeachment’ is a blue print of the modus operandi of their collusion, conspiracy against the American people and their compact/constitution of which they took an oath of office to ‘uphold, protect and defend, as well as their ‘anti-American’ involvement/association to the Deep State as a ‘Trojan Horse’ – foreign insurgence of anti-American ‘agent’ working to destroy America and to reduce it not only to a third world country, but to convert it to a country governed by liberal fascists with imposed communist programs aided and abetted by the Muslim infestation to wreak havoc upon the American people, in American cities and towns, including but not limited to the take-over of towns and cities with their increasing numbers, with their idealology and ‘religious’ program to kill the infidels (Americans that do not believe in Allah), as one of the distractions while these Deep State treasonous politicians and foreign interests as Khazarian agents and their cohorts work night and day to destroy America. Evil prevails because good men do nothing.


Cheap Tomatoes

Why Donald Trump is leading the pack … if this doesn’t get your attention, you better check your pulse!

By Mary Lacroft

Nine hundred teachers just got laid off from the Los Angeles Unified School District. They are $650,000 over their annual budget. The following comments by an English teacher help to explain one area that looms large over California’s educational crisis. I hope each person receiving this mail will read it carefully, all the way to the end. It is sad what is happening to our great country, all because our politicians are afraid they will miss out on a vote. What a travesty!

This has got to be passed along to as many as possible, or we will all go down the drain because a few don’t care.

This English teacher has phrased it the best I’ve seen yet and it should make everyone think, be you Democrat, Republican or Independent.

From a California school teacher…..

As you listen to the news about the student protests over illegal immigration, there are some things that you should be aware of: I am in charge of the English-as-a-second-language department at a large southern California high school which is designated a Title-1 school,
meaning that its students average in the lower social-economic and income levels.

Most of the schools you are hearing about are South Gate High, Bell Gardens, Huntington Park, etc., where their students are protesting –  these are also Title-1 schools.

Title-1 schools are on the free-breakfast and free-lunch program. When I say free breakfast, I’m not talking about a glass of milk and a roll … But a full breakfast and cereal bar with fruits and juices that would make the Marriott proud. The waste of this food is monumental, with trays and trays of it being dumped in the trash uneaten. (Our tax dollars at work!)

I estimate that well over 50% of these students are obese or at least moderately overweight. About 75% or more have cell phones. The school also provides day care centers for the unwed teenage pregnant girls (some as young as 13) so they can attend class without the inconvenience of having to arrange for babysitters or having family watch their kids. (More of our tax dollars at work!)

I was ordered to spend $700,000 on my department, or risk losing funding for the upcoming year even though there was little need for anything.

My budget was already substantial, but I ended up buying new computers for the Computer Learning Center, half of which, one month later, were carved with graffiti by the appreciative students who obviously feel humbled and grateful to have a free education in America. (More and more of our tax dollars at work!)

I have had to intervene several times for young substitute teachers whose classes consist of many illegal immigrant students here in the country less than 3 months, who raised so much hell with the female teachers, calling them putas (whores) and throwing things, that the
teachers were in tears.

Free medical care, free education, free food, free day care, etc., etc., etc. Is it any wonder they feel entitled not only to be in this country, but also to demand rights, privileges and entitlements?

To those who want to point out how much these illegal immigrants contribute to our society, because they happen to like their gardener and/or housekeeper,

and they like to pay less for tomatoes, I say: Spend some time in the real world of illegal immigration and see the true costs.

Higher insurance, medical facilities closing, higher medical costs, more crime, lower standards of education in our schools, overcrowding, new diseases, etc., etc., etc. For me, I’ll pay more for tomatoes.

Americans, we need to wake up. The guest worker program will be a disaster because we won’t have the guts to enforce it. Does anyone in their right mind really think they will voluntarily leave and return?

It does, however, have everything to do with culture: A third-world culture that does not value education, that accepts children getting pregnant and dropping out of school by age 15, and that refuses to assimilate, plus an American culture that has become so weak and worried about “political correctness,” that we don’t have the will to do anything about it.

If this makes your blood boil, as it did mine, forward this to everyone you know including your Congressman and Senators.

Cheap labor? Isn’t that what the whole immigration issue is about?

Business doesn’t want to pay a decent wage.

Consumers don’t want expensive produce.

Government will tell you ‘Americans don’t want the jobs.’

But the bottom line is cheap labor. The phrase “cheap labor” is a myth, a

farce, and a lie. There is no such thing as “cheap labor.”

Take, for example, an illegal alien with a wife and five children. He takes a job for $5.00 or $6.00/hour. At that wage, with six dependents, he pays no income tax, yet at the end of the year, if he files an income tax return, he gets an “earned income credit” of up to $3,200, free.


1 He qualifies for Section-8 housing and subsidized rent;
2 He qualifies for food stamps;
3 He qualifies for free (no deductible, no co-pay) health care;
4 His children get free breakfasts and lunches at school;
6 He requires bilingual teachers and books;
7 He qualifies for relief from high energy bills;
8 If they are, or become aged, blind or disabled, they qualify for SSI;
9 Once qualified for SSI they can qualify for Medicare (All of this at
taxpayer’s {our} expense);
10 He doesn’t worry about car insurance, life insurance, or homeowner’s insurance;
11 Taxpayers provide Spanish language signs, bulletins and printed material;
12 He and his family receive the equivalent of $20.00 to $30.00/hour in benefits;
13 Working Americans are lucky to have $5.00 or $6.00/hour left after paying their bills and his;
14 The American taxpayers also pays for increased crime, graffiti and trash clean-up.

Cheap labor? Yeah right! Wake up people! These are the questions we should be addressing to the Presidential candidates for either party. And when they lie to us and don’t do as they say, we should replace them at once!

We must take action or we will all go down the drain because a few don’t care. And if you think this is bad, just wait until a Democrat becomes President and the redistribution of wealth becomes the norm in this ex-Democracy. This will be passed on only by those Americans who truly care!


Woman nurses kids through the flu, then is diagnosed herself, only to die 3 days later

 – all of them were vaccinated

by: Lance D Johnson
February 01, 2018

(Natural News) The flu shot is not just a medical hoax, with a purported 30 percent efficacy rate; it’s also a kind of biological weapon that spreads disease and causes further complications that lead to death.

A 37-year-old mother thought she was doing the right thing when she had her two kids vaccinated with this year’s flu shot. After all, advertisements, news stations, pharmacies and doctors all promote the same thing: Flu shots are the best prevention. No one informed this caring mother that the live attenuated virus in the flu vaccine readily reverts to infectious form after injection, causing flu and secondary infections. Consequentially, her son and daughter came down with the flu after being vaccinated.

Karlie Slaven, a university manager from Indiana, spent an entire week with her two children, nursing them back to health. A good mother she was; however, she wasn’t prepared for the biological terrorism that was to come next.

No one told her about virus shedding — a problem derived from vaccines made with live attenuated viruses. In viral shedding, a recently vaccinated individual spreads virus particles more readily through the air. For days, weeks, and sometimes months, vaccinated individuals rapidly spread virus particles through the air. A new scientific study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) revealed that flu shot recipients emit 630 percent more flu virus particles into the air, compared to non-vaccinated individuals.

Karlie didn’t know that her two vaccinated kids had been turned into carriers and spreaders of flu viruses. As Karlie nursed her kids back to health, it was only a matter of time before they spread the vaccine’s virus to their mother. Karlie had reportedly gotten flu shots in the past, exposing her immune system to various strains, but this year’s shed viruses took her body by surprise.

Karlie became ill by the end of the week and sought medical attention. She was diagnosed with the flu and sent home. After three days, her immune system depressed and pneumonia set in. The complications worsened. Her husband Mike, deployed with the army, was called in to be by her side. Karlie passed away just three days after being diagnosed with the flu. The disillusioned husband spoke out in the media, telling everyone to set aside their prejudices and bias and just get the flu shot. Stricken with emotion, what he can’t see is that the flu shot is what victimized his children, ultimately killing his wife.

Flu shots are a false hope — dangerous medicine that preys on the goodwill of loving parents. Flu shots are scientifically proven to be biological weapons that spread flu viruses via viral shedding. Also, by the time the flu antigen(s) is selected and formulated into the current year’s flu vaccine, the flu virus currently circulating has already mutated. This is why those who get vaccinated with the yearly flu vaccine are more susceptible. Their bodies are being exposed to viruses that aren’t currently circulating.

To make matters worse, some of the new flu vaccines use multiple antigens, which overwhelms the immune system, not conveying strong immunity to the person for each strain. This makes people like Karlie, who previously got flu vaccines in year’s past, more susceptible to further sickness and complication from mutated strains of the current flu outbreak. (For more information on how vaccines spread disease, check out Vaccines.News.)

YOU’VE BEEN WARNED… SO GO AHEAD, GET THE ENTIRE FAMILY VACINNATED, START WITH THE BABIES FIRST AND THEN WORK UP TO MOM AND DAD. It’s kinda like; MEDICAL ASSISTED SUICIDE… …AND OF COURSE YOUR THINKING; YOU KNOW THE GOVRENMENT WOULDN’T DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT, WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY?  WELL, IT IS THE PROGRAM OF THE Elite-Fascist-Commie-Left government and its subject/citizens/followers/the Walking Dead; who wants to eliminate them there White folk!  Well there you go …praise the lord and pass the needle….


Trump Lays Groundwork To Ban Mandatory Vaccinations Across U.S.


President Trump has created a new division within the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights, with the express purpose of banning mandatory vaccinations across the country, and ensuring citizens have a right to choose their own healthcare.

With the establishment of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division division on Thursday, Trump has laid the groundwork to dismantle each and every vaccine mandate across the country. Big Pharma’s chokehold on the nation’s health has been released.

If you don’t think this new division at the Health and Human Services Office is a big deal, it’s time to think again.

The Conscience and Religious Freedom Division gives many different groups a big tent under which to fight for our constitutional rights. Christians and libertarians, as well as freethinkers and people of other religious faiths, have a common interest in fighting against Big Pharma’s corrupt health establishment.

Mainstream media are desperate to keep this news quiet. They don’t want you to know that the president is working to ensure American citizens have a right to choose their own healthcare.

Pharmaceutical companies provide mainstream media outlets with a huge percentage of their advertising revenue. Big pharmaceutical companies actually spend far more on advertising than research. We are talking hundreds of billions of dollars.

Here’s why this is such a BIG DEAL

Per BolenReport: The House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R – California) is one of the key figures who got this project over the line. Do you think he is unaware of the draconian mandatory vaccine law in California which took away religious and philosophical (conscience) exemptions?

This new division at HHS is a home run for all those who believe in liberty and health freedom.

In a press release put out on Thursday by the HHS Office for Civil Rights, Director Roger Severino said,

Law protecting religious freedom and conscience rights are just empty words on paper if they aren’t enforced.  No one should be forced to choose between helping sick people and living by one’s deepest moral or religious convictions, and the new division will help guarantee that victims of unlawful discrimination find justice.  For too long, governments big and small have treated conscience claims with hostility instead of protection, but change is coming and it begins here and now.

In an article for TownHall, House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy was very explicit.

“In the past this office sent the message, now is not the time for freedom, it is time for you to conform.  What a difference one year makes.”

Dr. Everett Piper of Oklahoma Wesleyan University echoed these comments and brought a laugh to the group by noting what a difference it was to be thanking Health and Human Services rather than suing them.

The acting Health and Human Services Secretary, Eric Hargan, also had some remarkable words:

“For too long too many of these healthcare practitioners have been bullied and discriminated against because of their religious beliefs and moral convictions leaving many of them to wonder whether they have a future in our healthcare system.  When faithful Americans are bullied out of the public square and out of public service, when bigotry is allowed to flourish, we all lose.”

The new website for the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division even has a convenient portal to file a complaint and they are encouraging anybody who feels their religious rights or conscience have been violated to file a complaint.

What about all those California parents living under the mandatory childhood vaccine law?  Aren’t their religious and conscience rights being violated?

President Trump has given us a tool to use against tyranny.  My dear brothers and sisters, it is time to pick up this weapon and use it against our common enemy.

Editor comment; see additional article on vaccines herein where Mother and her two children died for vaccines inoculations.


Foreign Food Warning!

As reported in various publications on the condition of foods coming into the United States from foreign countries like China (the worst) where they have poultry pens hanging over  the fish ponds so the droppings fall into the water for the fish, also, Mexico where they raise ‘farmed’ fish using sewage water. That being said such foods coming from ‘third world’ countries may not be as safe to eat, due to lack of sanitary conditions and appropriate health inspectors. China has only 5 FDA inspectors all of China!

One might consider foods from these countries to be a “NO SALE!”

Always read the labels and check for the ‘Country of origin!’

Many products no longer show where they were made, grown or produced, only who and where the Distributor is located, therein, one have to be ‘consumer conscious,’ and read the Bar Code to track its origin.

This may very important in grocery stores where you are buying food. To find out where foods are made, raised or grown, check the first three numbers of the Bar Code.

China codes are 690, 691 and 692 (MADE IN CHINA). 471 IS Made in Taiwan.

This is YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW, God forbid you want food poisoning or worse!

So keep the below BAR CODES in your purse or wallet, maybe get it laminated.


BUY SAFER FOODS FROM USA & CANADA by watching for “0” at the beginning of the number!

Be a smart shopper, buy ‘safe’ foods,

P.S.; no negative info regarding Japan, but be an ‘aware consumer.’


The EMF assault continues as 5G rolls out

– but does anyone know the consequences to human health, the environment?

by: Isabelle Z.
February 02, 2018

(Natural News) As ultra-high-speed 5G wireless begins to roll out, concerns about what the technology might do to our health are rising. Telecommunications companies are hyping up the technology’s amazing speeds and reliability, but what price will we pay for it?

It’s been a concern since cell phones first came on the market back in the 1980s, but the problem has grown rather dramatically since that time. Back then, only a select few had cell phones, and those with reservations about radiation could simply elect not to buy one. These days, however, almost everything is connected, from cell phones and computers to toasters and smart meters. Even if you don’t have these items in your home, Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere, and it’s only going to get worse with the rise of virtual reality and autonomous vehicles.

According to preliminary data from a National Toxicology Program study, male rats who were exposed to nine hours of radiation a day over the course of two years had higher incidences of rare tumors in their brains and hearts starting at levels that are just around the federally permitted cellphone radiation level. While these results haven’t yet been fully extrapolated to humans, they were alarming enough for the American Cancer Society to label the study “a paradigm shift in our understanding of radiation and cancer risk.”

“Not only do we not know what it’s doing to us, but we also can’t say for sure just how it is affecting our environment.”

It’s about time that more research is done before the damage goes too far. Cellphone subscribers continue to grow in numbers, and people are using mobile devices for increasingly longer durations as well thanks to offerings like streaming video and social networks.

5G is an entirely different beast from the 4G of today. Not only is it ten times faster, but it also requires the installation of thousands of base stations on buildings and utility poles in order to spread its signals. Some are just the size of a smoke detector, and researchers estimate that one station will be needed for roughly every 12 homes in urban areas given the relatively small distances these signals are able to travel. So even though you might be able to choose not to live by cell towers now, you will soon have nowhere to hide once these antenna base stations start cropping up all over the place.

So many unknowns

The International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization has labeled cell phone radiation as being “possibly carcinogenic to humans” while noting the lack of research on the matter. The fact is that we simply do not know what the long-term effects of all this could be, and the few studies we do have raise a lot of red flags. More than 200 scientists from around the world who have studied cellphone radiation exposure and other electromagnetic fields sent a letter to the United Nations asking them to protect people, especially children and pregnant women, from this dangerous radiation.

Not only do we not know what it’s doing to us, but we also can’t say for sure just how it is affecting our environment. It’s hard to wrap one’s brain around the number of devices and other technology that is out there changing our planet’s natural frequency. We do know, however, that we are seeing changes in weather patterns, unusual cloud formations, and massive tree die-offs. We know that animals are sensitive to EMFs, with bees reacting to signals from mobile phones by creating a high-pitched sound that signals to others that they should desert their hive. The Ecologist notes that animals have been found to sustain oxidative harm from Wi-Fi sources, and peer-reviewed studies have found this radiation to harm plants, trees, insects, livestock and rodents. Other studies have pointed to mitochondria and DNA being frequency-sensitive.

While those with a vested interest in this technology will do their best to downplay its potential risks, the truth is that only time will tell if 5G will end up being like cigarettes and antidepressants and only show its true danger as the years go by.


The U.S. is Not a Democracy. . . It Never Was

By Gabriel Rockhill
Information Clearing House
December 13, 2017

One of the most steadfast beliefs regarding the United States is that it is a democracy. Whenever this conviction waivers slightly, it is almost always to point out detrimental exceptions to core American values or foundational principles. For instance, aspiring critics frequently bemoan a “loss of democracy” due to the election of clownish autocrats, draconian measures on the part of the state, the revelation of extraordinary malfeasance or corruption, deadly foreign interventions, or other such activities that are considered undemocratic exceptions. The same is true for those whose critical framework consists in always juxtaposing the actions of the U.S. government to its founding principles, highlighting the contradiction between the two and clearly placing hope in its potential resolution.

The problem, however, is that there is no contradiction or supposed loss of democracy because the United States simply never was one. This is a difficult reality for many people to confront, and they are likely more inclined to immediately dismiss such a claim as preposterous rather than take the time to scrutinize the material historical record in order to see for themselves. Such a dismissive reaction is due in large part to what is perhaps the most successful public relations campaign in modern history. What will be seen, however, if this record is soberly and methodically inspected, is that a country founded on elite, colonial rule based on the power of wealth—a plutocratic colonial oligarchy, in short—has succeeded not only in buying the label of “democracy” to market itself to the masses, but in having its citizenry, and many others, so socially and psychologically invested in its nationalist origin myth that they refuse to hear lucid and well-documented arguments to the contrary.

To begin to peel the scales from our eyes, let us outline in the restricted space of this article, five patent reasons why the United States has never been a democracy (a more sustained and developed argument is available in my book, Counter-History of the Present). To begin with, British colonial expansion into the Americas did not occur in the name of the freedom and equality of the general population, or the conferral of power to the people. Those who settled on the shores of the “new world,” with few exceptions, did not respect the fact that it was a very old world indeed, and that a vast indigenous population had been living there for centuries. As soon as Columbus set foot, Europeans began robbing, enslaving and killing the native inhabitants. The trans-Atlantic slave trade commenced almost immediately thereafter, adding a countless number of Africans to the ongoing genocidal assault against the indigenous population. Moreover, it is estimated that over half of the colonists who came to North America from Europe during the colonial period were poor indentured servants, and women were generally trapped in roles of domestic servitude. Rather than the land of the free and equal, then, European colonial expansion to the Americas imposed a land of the colonizer and the colonized, the master and the slave, the rich and the poor, the free and the un-free. The former constituted, moreover, an infinitesimally small minority of the population, whereas the overwhelming majority, meaning “the people,” was subjected to death, slavery, servitude, and unremitting socio-economic oppression.

Second, when the elite colonial ruling class decided to sever ties from their homeland and establish an independent state for themselves, they did not found it as a democracy. On the contrary, they were fervently and explicitly opposed to democracy, like the vast majority of European Enlightenment thinkers. They understood it to be a dangerous and chaotic form of uneducated mob rule. For the so-called “founding fathers,” the masses were not only incapable of ruling, but they were considered a threat to the hierarchical social structures purportedly necessary for good governance. In the words of John Adams, to take but one telling example, if the majority were given real power, they would redistribute wealth and dissolve the “subordination” so necessary for politics. When the eminent members of the land owning class met in 1787 to draw up a constitution, they regularly insisted in their debates on the need to establish a republic that kept at bay vile democracy, which was judged worse than “the filth of the common sewers” by the pro-Federalist editor William Cobbett. The new constitution provided for popular elections only in the House of Representatives, but in most states the right to vote was based on being a property owner, and women, the indigenous and slaves—meaning the overwhelming majority of the population—were simply excluded from the franchise. Senators were elected by state legislators, the President by electors chosen by the state legislators, and the Supreme Court was appointed by the President. It is in this context that Patrick Henry flatly proclaimed the most lucid of judgments: “it is not a democracy.” George Mason further clarified the situation by describing the newly independent country as “a despotic aristocracy.”

When the American republic slowly came to be relabeled as a “democracy,” there were no significant institutional modifications to justify the change in name. In other words, and this is the third point, the use of the term “democracy” to refer to an oligarchic republic simply meant that a different word was being used to describe the same basic phenomenon. This began around the time of “Indian killer” Andrew Jackson’s presidential campaign in the 1830s. Presenting himself as a ‘democrat,’ he put forth an image of himself as an average man of the people who was going to put a halt to the long reign of patricians from Virginia and Massachusetts. Slowly but surely, the term “democracy” came to be used as a public relations term to re-brand a plutocratic oligarchy as an electoral regime that serves the interest of the people or demos. Meanwhile, the American holocaust continued unabated, along with chattel slavery, colonial expansion and top-down class warfare.

In spite of certain minor changes over time, the U.S. republic has doggedly preserved its oligarchic structure, and this is readily apparent in the two major selling points of its contemporary “democratic” publicity campaign. The Establishment and its propagandists regularly insist that a structural aristocracy is a “democracy” because the latter is defined by the guarantee of certain fundamental rights (legal definition) and the holding of regular elections (procedural definition). This is, of course, a purely formal, abstract and largely negative understanding of democracy, which says nothing whatsoever about people having real, sustained power over the governing of their lives. However, even this hollow definition dissimulates the extent to which, to begin with, the supposed equality before the law in the United States presupposes an inequality before the law by excluding major sectors of the population: those judged not to have the right to rights, and those considered to have lost their right to rights (Native Americans, African-Americans and women for most of the country’s history, and still today in certain aspects, as well as immigrants, “criminals,” minors, the “clinically insane,” political dissidents, and so forth). Regarding elections, they are run in the United States as long, multi-million dollar advertising campaigns in which the candidates and issues are pre-selected by the corporate and party elite. The general population, the majority of whom do not have the right to vote or decide not to exercise it, are given the “choice”—overseen by an undemocratic electoral college and embedded in a non-proportional representation scheme—regarding which member of the aristocratic elite they would like to have rule over and oppress them for the next four years. “Multivariate analysis indicates,” according to an important recent study by Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page, “that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination […], but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy.”

To take but a final example of the myriad ways in which the U.S. is not, and has never been, a democracy, it is worth highlighting its consistent assault on movements of people power. Since WWII, it has endeavored to overthrow some 50 foreign governments, most of which were democratically elected. It has also, according the meticulous calculations by William Blum in America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy, grossly interfered in the elections of at least 30 countries, attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders, dropped bombs on more than 30 countries, and attempted to suppress populist movements in 20 countries. The record on the home front is just as brutal. To take but one significant parallel example, there is ample evidence that the FBI has been invested in a covert war against democracy. Beginning at least in the 1960s, and likely continuing up to the present, the Bureau “extended its earlier clandestine operations against the Communist party, committing its resources to undermining the Puerto Rico independence movement, the Socialist Workers party, the civil rights movement, Black nationalist movements, the Ku Klux Klan, segments of the peace movement, the student movement, and the ‘New Left’ in general” (Cointelpro: The FBI’s Secret War on Political Freedom, p. 22-23). Consider, for instance, Judi Bari’s summary of its assault on the Socialist Workers Party: “From 1943-63, the federal civil rights case Socialist Workers Party v. Attorney General documents decades of illegal FBI break-ins and 10 million pages of surveillance records. The FBI paid an estimated 1,600 informants $1,680,592 and used 20,000 days of wiretaps to undermine legitimate political organizing.” In the case of the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement (AIM)—which were both important attempts to mobilize people power to dismantle the structural oppression of white supremacy and top-down class warfare—the FBI not only infiltrated them and launched hideous smear and destabilization campaigns against them, but they assassinated 27 Black Panthers and 69 members of AIM (and subjected countless others to the slow death of incarceration). If it be abroad or on the home front, the American secret police has been extremely proactive in beating down the movements of people rising up, thereby protecting and preserving the main pillars of white supremacist, capitalist aristocracy.

Rather than blindly believing in a golden age of democracy in order to remain at all costs within the gilded cage of an ideology produced specifically for us by the well-paid spin-doctors of a plutocratic oligarchy, we should unlock the gates of history and meticulously scrutinize the founding and evolution of the American imperial republic. This will not only allow us to take leave of its jingoist and self-congratulatory origin myths, but it will also provide us with the opportunity to resuscitate and reactivate so much of what they have sought to obliterate. In particular, there is a radical America just below the surface of these nationalist narratives, an America in which the population autonomously organizes itself in indigenous and ecological activism, black radical resistance, anti-capitalist mobilization, anti-patriarchal struggles, and so forth. It is this America that the corporate republic has sought to eradicate, while simultaneously investing in an expansive public relations campaign to cover over its crimes with the fig leaf of “democracy” (which has sometimes required integrating a few token individuals, who appear to be from below, into the elite ruling class in order to perpetuate the all-powerful myth of meritocracy). If we are astute and perspicacious enough to recognize that the U.S. is undemocratic today, let us not be so indolent or ill-informed that we let ourselves be lulled to sleep by lullabies praising its halcyon past. Indeed, if the United States is not a democracy today, it is in large part due to the fact that it never was one. Far from being a pessimistic conclusion, however, it is precisely by cracking open the hard shell of ideological encasement that we can tap into the radical forces that have been suppressed by it. These forces—not those that have been deployed to destroy them—should be the ultimate source of our pride in the power of the people.

Gabriel Rockhill is a Franco-American philosopher and cultural critic. He is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Villanova University and founding Director of the Atelier de Théorie Critique at the Sorbonne. His books include Counter-History of the Present: Untimely Interrogations into Globalization, Technology, Democracy (2017), Interventions in Contemporary Thought: History, Politics, Aesthetics (2016), Radical History & the Politics of Art (2014) and Logique de l’histoire (2010). In addition to his scholarly work, he has been actively engaged in extra-academic activities in the art and activist worlds, as well as a regular contributor to public intellectual debate. Follow on twitter: @GabrielRockhill

Comment from; The Ramparts:

The writer speaks truth to power. AmeriKKKa was not designed to be a bottom up populous participatory governed nation. The post Revolutionary War government was set up to be the exact opposite, a plutocracy. When the “founding fathers” met in Philadelphia they met in secret, they acted against their individual state’s mandate which was to revise the Articles of Confederation, they conspired to form a government that set themselves up as its rulers. John Jay said it best, “those who own the country should rule it.” It became a government of wealthy men who were: land owners, enslavers, masters, merchants, financiers, pedophiles which excluded: all women, all indigenous people, all Africans, all servants and all non property-owning males. Strict and rigid class barriers were established and the history of this nation has been an ebb and flow, a constant battle between the elites trying to keep the rest of us at bay, in subjugation, duped about our status as peons and serfs.

Due to insurgencies like Shay’s Rebellion, slave revolts and assorted uprisings by farmers and laborers in the early years of the “republic” the ruling class decided to allow a segment of poor whites a modicum of “rights’ and privileges so they could be used as cannon fodder in the ruling class’s wars and to keep the darkies and other undesirables in check.

This is the system we experience today, only the veneer of “democracy” is fading and more and more people are seeing this nation for what it is: an imperialistic fascist oligarchy run by psychopaths and sociopaths for the benefit of the 1% class, their flunkies and technocrats.

TAB Editor comment; ‘Amen’ Brother Gabriel!

The Predatory Society America’s Society Declines By R. Sterling Braxton
January 28, 2018

This is a rant about American social decay, foreclosure and the decline of the America you once knew. I stumbled upon strategic innovator and author Umair Haque and instantly was intrigued.  He eloquently captured and framed the modern American experience in ways that transformed my thinking and confirmed my fears.

Haque writes extensively about why America is collapsing in his posts on and in the Harvard Business Review- but more importantly what can be done to correct and survive the American decline. Bear with me- because I am going to go on a tangent but you will eventually grasp why a decade later-  Neil Garfield is still writing about foreclosure at LivingLies, and not a thing has changed over a decade except for our understanding of the fraud perpetrated against millions of homeowners.

Umair Haque writes about the “new pathologies” that have contributed to the World’s first “rich failed state”, the United States. These new social pathologies are dystopic and have contributed to shrinking incomes, social inequality, overwhelming despair, rage, and anxiety of living in a collapsing society.  These social pathologies don’t happen in other developed countries to this extent, but are unique to the United States.

Haque reflects on new social ills including why American children not only are killing each other in unprecedented numbers, but are killing themselves in large numbers- because they have given up on their future and lives.

The opioid epidemic is especially troubling. “In many countries in the world — most of Asia and Africa — one can buy all the opioids one wants from any local pharmacy, without a prescription.”  But despite these opioids being illegal in America, millions of Americans abuse these drugs. The use of opioids to escape everyday living is unique to America.  “Why would people abuse opioids en masse unlike anywhere else in the world? They must be living genuinely traumatic and desperate lives…… so they have to self-medicate the terror away. ” Haque believes this epidemic of drug abuse is fueled by absolute powerlessness and complete indignity.

He describes the number of retired Americans who are not able to save enough money to live on, and live in their cars with no family to care for them.  People are isolated and living hand to mouth.  He asks, “How did America’s elderly end up cheated of dignity?” After all, even poor countries have “informal social support systems” — otherwise known as families and communities.  In America, social bonds have collapsed as extreme capitalism and profits above people have become the only priority.  Haque refers to social bonds and close relationships as “unaffordable luxuries” in America that even third-world countries possess.

Sadly, he says that Americans appear to be quite happy simply watching one another die and suffer. “They just don’t appear to be too disturbed, moved, or even affected by the four pathologies above: their kids killing each other, their social bonds collapsing, being powerless to live with dignity, or having to numb the pain of it all away.”

Haque is spot-on. America may be monetarily wealthy, but it is morally bankrupt. The average American lives in a state of perpetual fear, living from paycheck to paycheck, with no safety-net if things go wrong.  And when things go wrong- where do people turn?  They have no where to turn for relief or a remedy because the courts grant justice to only those who can afford justice, pricing most Americans out of the justice market.

Justice and due-process must be purchased

Ask anyone who has sued a large bank for fraudulently foreclosing on their home with strong evidence of fraudulent tactics. Most homeowners eventually give up because they have exhausted their limited financial resources while the bank executes its procedural playbook backed by a billion-dollar budget.  Why bother with the battle when the judicial bias against the homeowner is palatable.

In a civilized society, there would be built in safeties for homeowners, where a home and all of its equity could not be taken for several missed payments once or twice over the history of a thirty-year mortgage.  Instead, the missed payment would but rolled into the principal due at the end of the loan and interest would be charged- as it should be. The banks have designed a system where Servicers are financially rewarded by deliberately causing a default to occur.

I am not condoning missing a house payment, and the homeowner is obligated to pay back the missed payment with interest (if there is a holder in due course somewhere)- but life happens- and people are imperfect. If the consumer had any power in the market, the banks would not be permitted to implement such a drastically punitive system where homeowners must be perfect or risk being homeless.

A homeowner must make 360 payments perfectly ON TIME with no hiccups.  If you are in the hospital, temporarily out of the country, or lose your job and your payment is more than 5 days late, an avalanche of penalties and charges will start to accrue.  If you call your loan servicer for assistance to correct the problem you will find that they have no incentive to help you bring your loan current- when they can try to confuse and trick you into default.  The servicing industry is designed to be predatory to maximize bank profit- not to ensure the homeowner remains current.

If these pathologies happened in any other rich countryeven in most poor onespeople would be aghast, shocked, and stunned, and certainly moved to make them not happen. But in America, they are, well, not even resigned. They are indifferent, mostly.

Haque states; “we live in a predatory society.” A predatory society doesn’t just mean oligarchs ripping people off financially (which they do). “It means people nodding and smiling and going about their everyday business as their neighbors, friends, and colleagues die early deaths in shallow graves”- or standing by why banks steal homes with fabricated documents.

Hague astutely points out that, “The predator in American society isn’t just its super-rich — but an invisible and insatiable force: the normalization of what in the rest of the world would be seen as shameful, historic, generational moral failures, if not crimes, becoming mere mundane everyday affairs not to be too worried by or troubled about.” The banks are this invisible and insatiable predatory force that will strip all wealth from middle class homeowners.

In any other country in the world, people would revolt over the theft of homes by the presentation and filing of fabricated and forged documents, empty trusts and false securitizations.  The courthouses would be mobbed, and the populace would refuse to pay their taxes if their leaders failed to meet the social contract.

When the banks, and the courts collude to steal homes- there is no justice.  The banks have received a clear message they will not be prosecuted or punished for illegal activity if they can create a complex, convoluted, multi-tiered process of moving and undetectable parties.  In fact, the move to e-mortgages and notes will virtually strip away transparency and allow the banks to manufacture the paper-trail on-demand and perfect their criminal enterprise with a keystroke, thus circumventing hundreds of years of recording and UCC law. All accountability blurred.

The predators will soon control everything about you through databases.  Your health records, your biometrics, your bank accounts, your purchases, your computer records, the GPS coordinates for your phone and new car- and have almost complete knowledge of your movement, contacts, income and social contacts.

You are witnessing the American decline and a nation suffering from pathological illnesses.  This illness is caused by the American model of “extreme capitalism, no public investment, cruelty as a way of life, and the perversion of everyday virtue” according to Haque.  Our own demise is reinforced by the “junk media, junk media, junk science, junk culture, junk punditry, junk economics, people treating one another and their society like junk — that America has fed upon for too long.” The foreclosure machine is a microcosm of everything that is wrong in America- where corruption is the norm, the rules are bent to accommodate the wealthy, and where profit at all costs matters than the lives of our fellow man.

The LivingLies blog is viewed by middle class readers who typically have been violated in some way by their lender when they had a temporary setback and sought assistance from their servicer. Not because they thought they had a right to miss payments or wanted a “free house”. The readers are suffering terribly from the actions of the bank (revoked modification, misapplied payments, etc.) and unable to gain traction or get any relief.

A home is often the largest asset most people have, and when it is foreclosed upon all equity built over years is stripped away. Lives are decimated. Combined with low wages that have been stagnant for decades, the once stable and secure middle class now live in a perpetual state of vulnerability and insecurity without precedent. The middle class is now a demographic minority and life expectancy for white people has declined for the first time in a century.

The middle class are the new poor, while the ultra-rich have become drastically wealthier with every economic downturn or market surge. Both corporations and government have failed America. Last week, the biggest perpetrators of the greatest swindle ever, the economic collapse of 2008, were fined 35.1 million dollars for servicing violations.  That money will never trickle down to the homeowners who were harmed.  Instead, the bank will write-off the penalties on their taxes and are now released from supervision- free to offend again. The government will pocket the penalties and funnel the monies to special interests that benefit their cronies.

No meaningful law or regulation was passed to prevent banks from doing the same thing again.  The banks are more powerful than before the collapse and control every facet of American life.  There was absolutely NO consequence for the crimes perpetrated against homeowners who almost exclusively wanted to do whatever necessary to keep their homes and acted in good faith to correct any default.

The American dream is based on home-ownership because it provides stability, safety and security. Americans also need good jobs, jobs that pay a living wage, provide decent benefits and allow people to care and educate their children, and live quality lives.  Meanwhile corporations and government operate from a revenue at all costs mentality.  Harming its workers, the environment, and the community in which it operates makes no difference to American capitalists.  Corporations are allowed to operate from a profit at all costs philosophy that is literally destroying American culture.

When the next financial crisis rolls around, when unemployed, education-debt-burdened young people reach their breaking point, and people discover there is no rule of law and no social contract there will come a point when those who have suffered from predation are willing to burn the entire system to the ground so it can once again be level.

Prices and profits are the only thing that matters to predators.

The Predators rule our corporations and institutions.

Haque warns that America has spent decades “deliberately destroying its own institutions,  it’s educational, legal, healthcare, and financial systems (“drowning them in the bathtub”).” How can a society that destroys its own institutions be anything but broken and defective?  The FBI, CIA, legislature and judiciary have been politicized and cannot be trusted to do their jobs.

Eudaimonia (Greek: εὐδαιμονία [eu̯dai̯mo’níaː]), sometimes anglicized as eudaemonia or eudemonia /juːdɪˈmoʊniə/, is a Greek word commonly translated as happiness or welfare; however, “human flourishing” has been proposed as a more accurate translation.

Our government and corporations are no longer focused on providing the highest quality public goods it can deliver.  Instead, they are looking to provide a substandard product at the highest cost the consumer will tolerate.  Public goods like access to equitable and just courts are vital to a well-functioning society. Extreme capitalism where banks are hailed as above the law always lead to social unrest.

After the financial crisis people became angry, afraid and enraged. Do you even remember a time when you were happy, secure, fulfilled, optimistic and comfortable? America is in the beginning stages of a collapse. Not a dystopian collapse, but a nation where the law of the jungle becomes the norm.  It is now every man (or women) for themselves because we have evolved from a republic to a democracy to a kleptocracy.

Homeowners who have been subjected to the tactics of predatory servicers no longer believe in the rule of law, or their leaders. They stopped believing in the social bonds and constructs that encourage Americans to act collectively, and withdrew.  Because the banks have not been held accountable and the laws weren’t changed, servicers continue to offer predatory modifications they have no intention of honoring and other default services that benefit the bank to the detriment of the homeowner (like loan mods with grossly inflated balloon payments at the end of the 40-year mortgage).

For the past decade, since the financial collapse, the banks have controlled the courts and politicians with bribes, access, and favors where due process is actually now bought and sold. The state and federal governments allow the banks to shakedown homeowners without consequence.

At this point, America might as well privatize the court system since the banks already control the courts and legislatures. Courts are a public utility that homeowners pay taxes to maintain, but the courts now conspire with the banks to strip the homeowner of their constitutionally guaranteed rights.  A poor and vulnerable populace with little security is much easier to control than a wealthy and robust populace who demands equitable treatment.  America has gotten itself into a tail-spin it won’t be able to pull out of without massive social revolt and changes being made. And yet, Americans appear apathetic, because they have little time to raise hell about policy or find a collective voice- because they are preoccupied with merely surviving.

How will we survive the American decline? How do homeowners who have already lost their homes cope? The emotional toll of foreclosure has contributed to the feelings of apathy and learned helplessness. I, for one, live an existence of daily panic, anxiety, irrational fears and absolute rage about what my servicer has done to me for 15 long, arduous years- and I know that there are millions of Americans who feel the same way.  We live with the trauma of being raped corporately and revictimized by the courts we looked to for relief.

Here are the textbook signs of trauma:

Haque believes that the majority of Americans are feeling this trauma, not just those who have been abused by a loan servicer, and it is eradicating life quality.

Haque points out that in periods of decline fascism increases and societies break down.  He observes that societies become more tribalistic as an expression of communal rage as a “cry for closeness”. A leader is often elected to correct this pain but unfortunately the leader is often the abuser who harms and scapegoats society’s most weak who are also the most powerless. We saw this with the bank settlements.  The banks were found guilty of massive fraud, sanctioned billions of dollars and were allowed not to admit fault.  The settlements met the appearance of a punishment but were merely an inconvenience.

The homeowners saw NO RELIEF for the damage sustained by the banks and no laws with teeth were passed to discourage the predatory servicing behavior. On a daily basis the banks continue to fabricate documents, deceive homeowners (and courts), and foreclose on homes they can’t demonstrate they own.

“Thus, the by preying on the powerless, the strong man creates the impression of power, which the insecure masses flock to. That much is the story of America — whether the strong man is Trump, his allies, or his challengers,” Haque says. Americans will NOT be saved by those elected into power- we will be saved by the thinking few who believe in human decency. Haque states that we must orient ourselves “towards the common good, from Aristotle through Augustine through Mill to Rawls.”

This is a tall-order when our leaders, governments and corporations act with greed and contempt, and societal norms and values have broken down. The new norms are forgery and counterfeiting mortgage notes, school shootings, election hackings, and cheating on your wife with strippers named Stormy. There are no functioning norms in our society and therefore little decency.

We must return to a time of decency, peace, sanity and yet with the transgressions and abuses of every-day life it becomes more difficult to act with decency.  Our leaders rely on our mental and physical exhaustion to keep us in check and allow corruption to thrive.  They have succeeded in becoming a dictatorship and completely ignoring what the majority of Americans want- not corporate profits at any cost, but happiness, security and life quality.

Haque proposes a solution to this decline. The first is to empower yourself and all the lives you meet in your daily travels. By empowering others you contribute to their success, creativity, empathy and grace and in the process expand your potential. By being a kinder, more gentle society people will stop isolating themselves because they are fearful. When people stop hiding, they become empowered. Haque says that decency should become a presence, not an action, so that we can embrace our own humanity we have lost as our country has plummeted into decline.

We must, as a society, stop seeing everyone as a rival, and every event as an obstacle to conquer and defeat.  We must look at those around us as equals, suffering the same challenges we do, in our search for meaning.  We must return to being a country of laws, and consequences for violating our norms must be enforced.  In America, a bank can steal a home it didn’t pay for, break into that home and destroy the contents, and law enforcement will take no action calling burglary a ‘civil’ not ‘criminal’ matter.  Don’t believe me?  See here.

We must do this despite the “impossible, endless, fruitless work of punishing” what is indecent around us, and instead focus on what we can do to help our fellow American.  Neil Garfield encourages each reader to provide support to other readers by replying to their blog posts. A new LivingLies forum is being created that will allow readers to share documents, exchange contact information and create a support network in order to empower one another in their quest to defend against fraudulent foreclosure.

At the end of the day, according the Haque, the economic crisis was not a market failure or even a financial crisis, but an institutional one. Haque’s central argument revolves around the observation that current capitalistic practices lead to what is called ‘thin’ value. Thin from the perspective that the value created relies on exploitation, not in the Marxist sense, but in the environmental sense. Resources depleted without an incentive to return them or replace them with something better.

In contrast, Haque encourages companies to create ‘thick’ value, which is described as generating profits by activities that create value for sustainability, authentically to people and build up rather than tear down people, communities and resources. Most importantly, Haque points out that the system that created these issues is perhaps not the best system to fix them.

As a society, we have now reached a state of diminishing returns, though we work harder and harder, we never seem to get anywhere. This has led to a diminishing of the common wealth: wage stagnation, widening economic inequality, the depletion of the natural world, and a corrupt government and judiciary.

To get out of this funk, we need to rethink the future of human exchange and the institutions that define us- or we will suffer under their totalitarian injustice for the duration of our lives.  I don’t think I have the time to wait for the correction.  As soon as my lawsuit is finished (one way or the other), and if the battle doesn’t kill me, I will be expatriating.  I am sure those who can afford to do so will be joining me.  Worst case scenario- there are always opiates to numb the reality of my oppression.

Umair Haque is the Director of the London-based Havas Media Lab and heads ‘Bubblegeneration,’ a strategy lab that helps discover strategic innovation. He studies the economics of the future: the impact that new technologies, management innovations, and shifting consumer preferences will exert tomorrow on the industries and markets of today.

Editor comment; As America declines, the people in general, being programmed and conditioned, advance like Ryot tenures; the ‘Walking Dead’ as they waive the flag and pay their taxes though illegal, turn ‘their’ property (home, land, autos, etc.) over to the State like dutiful little slaves and most damning; they surrender their children ‘as Wards,’ (property) over to the State and they have accepted a socialistic/communistic government in place of a Republic. Evil prevails because good men do nothing.



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