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January / February 2018

Indicted for TREASON!

From: Jay Lowe <>
Dec 26, 2017

Yesterday is a day that will live in infamy forever. You should take note of the fact that we have now publicly indicted GEORGE SOROSPETER MUNKGEORGE WBUSHJOHN BRENANN, JOHN MCCAIN and many more including HILLARY CLINTON for the commission of capital treason when it comes to the attacks done on America the date of September 11, 2001.


(Parcels 70170530000030953111, 9500 1265 1016 7360 1651 01 & 9500 1265 1016 7360 1651 16 Confirmed now in transfer to final military hands and the court house.)

Article 50 Army Rules of Engagement: Rules of War Are the ONLY thing that applies with these active trials.

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This is official, however for obvious reasons the courts or actions where these are ongoing will not be disclosed right now. One of them where this evidence is now on record is the Supreme high courts of Nevada, as it relates directly to Uranium One and the role of that entity in the black-op attacks against America.

The court records are official, of course with the Army on the move we expect there to be some resistance.

CHENEY receives the death penalty and we’ll take one for the team on that one given all the shots we took.

In the next update, we will have more relevant facts concerning these cases. Needless to say, with this deluge of important evidence along with requests from our national audience things are getting quite tumultuous.

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Obviously we need to keep this short. GEORGE SOROS is about to have more problems than he imagined with numerous state felony charges swarming against him in various federal state and official district courts.

H.W. BUSH, GEORGE W. BUSH and EDGAR BRONFMAN will be taken down quickly. This will make this official traitor to the nation GEORGE SOROS be on the run, wishing for a day where he never dreamt up the 9-11 attacks in a backwater station outside Switzerland.

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Of course, we have given GEORGE BUSH Jr. a much harsher sentence than most of you god-fearing flock would have gave because we hate his attitude and not much else.

We officially cannot stand that insufferable twit GEORGE BUSH Jr so we ordered he face a full-on firing squad, or approximately twenty years in the Guantanamo bay prison system. We think this might be the only thing that straightens him out, but rest assured he received one of the harshest sentences of all.

Of course we aren’t making the decision; we’re giving GEORGE BUSH Jr. a fifty-fifty chance. The same fifty-fifty chance they gladly gave nearly all of us, where it concerns five years in jail or instant death.

So our hands are now clean of the matter, the Military can opt to do one of two things:

->X.1) they can order GEORGE BUSH Jr. face twenty years behind bars in Guantanamo style conditions.

->X.2) They can order GEORGE BUSH Jr. face an instant firing squad.

Some think GWB could never be as evil as his father, and those people have a point. Of course the military and the army also have their own points. The choice as always is up to them and is out of our hands.

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OBAMA also has no defense for his official crimes now concerning Uranium One. To plead ignorance of consequences is no defense in court. It will certainly not help any of them now!!

Perhaps nearly all of them face a reckoning of the death penalty. There is no coming back from the nationally recognized crime of treason, as it’s serious enough to warrant disdain for the very word.

Obama, Bush, Clinton and George Soros …all assets frozen by executive order:

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The swamp is being drained

“I hereby determine and order:

Section 1. (a) All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in:

(i) the persons listed in the Annex to this order;

(ii) any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

(A) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have directly or indirectly engaged in, serious human rights abuse;

(B) to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in:

(1) corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery; or

(2) the transfer or the facilitation of the transfer of the proceeds of corruption;” Hillary Clinton indicted multiple times on money laundering charges, other high acts of treason

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By take one for the team we’re referring to the fact we’ll take all their insults. They’ll never succeed in getting to us, but they certainly did a lot of damage to Trump so we got to be very mindful of this. If they ever attempt to take the executive branch out, you know what to do comrades.

Officially, America has now been declared an open war zone from coast to coast nationwide. Alert all the media!!!

As you can gather from all the high charges against SOROS things are getting mighty serious. Pass this forward to every one you know to do the same.

Watch your six (behind) at all times now, especially anytime you travel as we are now in avalanche mode.

The swamp is being drained …the flood gate is opening.

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Dear Subscribers:

Well, this is a little different, writing my ‘letter from the editor’ only for web page. But hey, things change …and as that applies to ‘America,’ that’s changing as well …right before our eyes.

Perception is that most Americans do not see the changes but are aiding and abetting the changes that are taking place.  However, the changes if we are to assign a date to when they drastically started to change, I also go back to 1933, via the declaration of U.S., Inc.’s bankruptcy, but in reality, we could really go back further in time but the reference points would quite extensive and most people would really believe it or care one way or another.

Whether it’s the money issue, the credit card ‘chip,’ artificial intelligence (A.I.), in insurgence of the liberal-fascists and communists and/or the infestation of the illegal immigrants (Muslims) …most all the ‘other’ changes that drastically affects this Country have already been implemented and for some time now that they’ve become an ‘American Way of Life,” i.e.; the Rothschild’s foreign bankruptcy script; the Federal Reserve Notes, their IRS and misapplied ‘income tax,’ that he State(s) own all property, that children are ‘wards’ (property of the State), that the people are mere ‘tenants’ on what they think is their home and property, etc., etc., etc., etc.!!!

But, what the hell …what are going to do! There’s really no First Amendment.  As many of you know by this time that the ‘Hard-copy newspaper’ – The American’s Bulletin came to an end with the publishing of the November/December 2017 issue!  In one letter from our subscribers; from Ann (91 yrs old from Missouri); ‘Your paper is the best over the rest. The very best. I lived for your paper. There’s no life if I don’t get your paper.”

In my opinion, there really is no ‘First Amendment’ in this country as applied to newspapers …as all newspaper ‘corporations’ are actually owned/regulated by the States/U.S., Inc. and presumably the Pope, but he too, presumably canceled all corporations in the World, but here in land of ‘Oz,’ things are still the same. Most all of the major newspapers in American including those labeled ‘Fake-News newspapers are owned by liberal/fascists, those with foreign interests and certainly anti-American with their allegiance to Israel, but you can’t tell the people anything as most are programmed and controlled and many just don’t care.

Newspapers are to be a safeguard between the people and dastardly acts of government when they go astray, commit unconstitutional acts, violate their oaths of office and in whatever manner …rape, pillage or plunder the American people …in which ‘government’ does on a regular basis. If a newspaper also fails to educate its readers on such matters as well as the people’s Rights, Liberties, duties, Rights as juror, or on the Grand jury, etc., etc., and of any and all of the frauds being committed by so-called government or it’s corporations ..what  good is it? Rubbish for the bottom of a bird cage!

Enjoy this issue … as strange as this format is on our web, solely, it is just strange to me and I do hope that if funding ever comes, we’ll get back to real deal …a newspaper that you touch, smell, read, take with you and save like most all our subscribers do (did!)

Take care, may our Creator guide and protect this Country cause ‘Congress’ ain’t doing a damn thing!






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The C.I.A. Literally Controls EVERYTHING, Even Deep State and likewise controlled by much more secretive levels of command and control

by State of the Nation
Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd
November 26, 2017

State of the Nation Reports: The following perceptive comment was sent by email to State Of The Nation. It simply states the obvious about the Central Intelligence Agency and its complete control of the United States of America, and beyond.

It also shows just how extensive Deep State really is. Every publicly traded corporation, for example, within the Anglo-American Axis is controlled, either directly or indirectly, by the C.I.A. That’s why the U.S. Intelligence Community refers to it as The Company.

The Global Control Matrix (GCM) is actually the backbone of the New World Order, and functions as a de facto One World Government. Deep State is just one critical piece of the GCM puzzle.

Just because the current World Shadow Government operates in total secrecy doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The globalist New World Order (NWO) has actually been here for well over a hundred years in its current form. The NWO agenda has been painstakingly implemented by the very same powers groups* that engineered World War I, the Great Depression, World War III and the current War on Terror (aka the cold phase of World War III).

*Especially the Khazarian Mafia (i.e. Rothschilds) and Black Pope (i.e. Jesuits)

The practical reality is that the World Shadow Government (WSG) rules over every square inch of planet Earth … to varying degrees, of course. (Russia, for instance, has left the reservation in many ways, but still has to play the game in many ways.)

The bottom line is that the C.I.A. is primarily the enforcement agency for the WSG. It was recently written that the C.I.A. is the enforcement agency for the Council on Foreign Relations. And that’s entirely true. However, the C.I.A. is also the enforcement agency for every other entity within Deep State, both public and private, covert and overt.

Only with this correct understanding can the true magnitude of humanity’s problematic predicament be comprehended. Essentially, a thoroughly rogue intelligence agency, ”the largest in the world,” has taken control of every sphere of life. In fact, the C.I.A. acts with absolute impunity, whenever and wherever it so chooses to. As follows:

JFK Assassination Plot Was Coordinated and Conducted by the C.I.A.

And all the C.I.A. ever has to do to justify their never-ending criminal conspiracies is claim that they are being implemented in the interest of NATIONAL SECURITY. As if publicly executing a POTUS was carried out to make the nation more safe and secure.

What a place!

What is remarkable is that it only represents the tip of the CIA-controlled Deep State iceberg. It also illustrates why The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Must Be Shut Down before it shuts US down.

What Does the CIA Control?

The Mainstream Media is CIA (all TV, Radio, Newspapers & News Magazines).
Hollywood is CIA (all Motion Pictures and TV programs)…Google is CIA …Facebook is CIA… Twitter is CIA …Microsoft is CIA …Apple is CIA …IBM is CIA …Intel is CIA …Hewlett Packard is CIA …the list here is endless, let’s just say all of Silicon Valley is CIA!

All Defense Contractors are CIA, like: Lockheed Martin is CIA …General Dynamics is CIA …Northrup Grumman is CIA …Raytheon is CIA …Boeing is CIA …Halliburton is CIA …United Technologies is CIA …Bechtel is CIA.

ISIS is CIA …Al Qaeda is CIA …Al-Nusra is CIA …The Bin Laden Family is CIA.

Saddam Hussein was CIA, who went rogue on the CIA. (There were no weapons of mass destruction, as we know, Daddy Bush was pissed off at his rogue CIA Agent, Saddam, and THAT is why so many U.S. soldiers had to die and get wounded in Iran.)

Noriega was CIA, who went rogue on the CIA, Castro was CIA, who went rogue on the CIA.

Soros is CIA & MI6 is CIA …Bush Family is CIA …Clinton Crime Family is CIA, especially the Clinton Foundation … Obama Family is CIA …The White House has been CIA for over 25 years.

The FBI is CIA. (obviously, or else the FBI would have shut down the Mafia years ago. But they don’t do they? Because the CIA and the Mafia are joined at the hip. They are partners in crime as the JFK assassination clearly demonstrated.

Monsanto is CIA ….The Las Vegas Massacre was CIA …Northern California UNnatural Fires were CIA …9/11 was CIA/MI6/Mossad …Oklahoma City Bombing was CIA …Aurora Movie Theater Massacre was CIA …Sandy Hook was CIA …this list too is endless.

Agenda 21 Depopulation Goals are CIA.

When I say CIA, I mean CIA/Deep State controlled.

Insiders call the CIA “The Company.” That makes sense now, doesn’t it?

6 Million people work for the CIA.

CIA/MI6 have their tentacles into EVERYTHING of value, GLOBALLY.

SERCO is CIA …and MI6 and Mossad.

The CIA sets the AGENDA and Controls the Narrative.

Big Brother is CIA. They are everywhere: in your phone, on your PC, in your TV, in your car, in your fridge, your smart meters, and in all surveillance cameras and spying devices which are now everywhere. Even if these items are turned off, and you don’t pay the bill and shut down services, they can still turn it on whenever they want to and listen and watch you.

That was step one for total control. Next is step 2:

Agenda 21, Big Brother (CIA) wants you dead, either through deadly vaccines that infects you with cancer and then cancer treatments that don’t work.

Agenda 21/Big Brother/Deep State/ CIA wants to decrease the global population through disease, wars, pestilence, famine, weather modification (droughts and deluges, mudslides and floods, earthquakes and volcanoes, massive hurricanes, ice storms, blizzards, tsunamis, sink holes, you name it).

And, of course, through the promotion of rampant homosexuality (homos can’t reproduce).

Christian Western Civilization is being destroyed on purpose by importing Islam which never assimilates and only brings division and civil wars. Just ask Gandhi. It got so bad in India, they had to divide their land, and all Hindus and Christians staying in India, and the Muslims went to Pakistan because militant Islam (Wahhabis) NEVER lives peacefully with anyone else. So you have to ask, why is the CIA/Deep State flooding the USA with Muslims? To promote Peace? No, to promote DIVISION and CONFLICT.

These are just some of the TRUTHS the CIA/Deep State does NOT want you to know about, and that is why they HAVE TO CONTROL all media: TV, radio, newsprint, and now they are going after the Internet with censorship.

You are supposed to remain in the dark, dumbed down, and swallow hook, line and sinker whatever Big Brother CIA spoon feeds you from TV, radio, newsprint and the Internet. Everything else is fake news, remember?

What has upset the status quo is a groundswell of truth getting out via the Internet and Alternative Radio, YouTube and Instagram. A tipping point was reached last year, and in spite of MASSIVE Vote Rigging on all levels, Trump still WON! Trump is NOT CIA, thus the nonstop smears from Mainstream Media!

TAB Editor comment; plug this in in what you do know and for those who don’t, and you can see the big picture, or the game, that is being played out in front of all America. But the majority of the American people, we perceive, are asleep. And per the above, can you not see why the liberal/fascists wants to take your guns away? No guns – no protection – you’re robbed or killed by the bad guys, the corporate military, the Deep State and all the CIA associates. Oh what a world we live in today!


Eye-Opening Survey Shows No.1 Fear of US Citizens is Government, NOT Terrorism

By Matt Agorist

An extensive survey of hundreds of adults across the United States has just revealed that the thing most Americans fear—more than anything else—is their own government. In fact, according to the survey, no other fear even comes close to the percentage of Americans who worry about their corrupt government officials.

The survey was conducted by Chapman University and it serves to back up the point that while Americans claim to live in the Land of the Free, deep down, they realize they are living in a corrupt oligarchy.

The Chapman University Survey of American Fears Wave 4 (2017) provides an in-depth examination into the fears of average Americans. In May of 2017, a random sample of 1,207 adults from across the United States were asked their level of fear about eighty different fears across a huge variety of topics ranging from crime, the government, the environment, disasters, personal anxieties, technology and many others.

As Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes, like last year, corruption of government officials came top in 2017, with 74.5 percent of U.S. adults saying it makes them “afraid” or “very afraid.”

Despite the constant fear mongering from the mainstream media and government on boogeymen terrorists plotting to steal our freedom, the public, according to this survey, is not buying it. In fact, the threat of terrorism isn’t even in the top 20 fears. Terrorism comes in at twenty-two—below credit card fraud and identity theft.

While this survey is certainly promising, in the idea that people are waking up to government corruption, it is also a telling sign of America’s ability to hold two entirely contradictory ideas as self-evident.

This ability, or perhaps better defined as “disability,” to hold two opposing ideas, such as the spreading of freedom through war, as being logically sound, is called cognitive dissonance. When one is in a state of dissonance, they may sometimes feel “disequilibrium”: frustration, hunger, dread, guilt, anger, embarrassment, anxiety, etc.

In order for cognitive dissonance to work, society must remain just ignorant enough to support and to believe the lies fed to them from the establishment as reality; even though this reality is a complete contradiction.

Once we step back and observe society with this in mind, the reason for this contradictory mental state becomes quite obvious. It is much easier to remain delusional and in a state of suspended disbelief than it is to deal with the opposing ideas held inside one’s head. How can one chant “USA is number 1!” while at the same time fearing the rulers of that USA?

Coming to terms with the fact that you can actually be killed by the very entity who claims to protect you from those who wish to do you harm, is a difficult realization.

Fortunately, there are those of us who have ‘woken up’ to our contradictory existence. This is not to say that we are smarter than others, only that we can recognize our own ignorance and through this self-reflection, seek to lessen that ignorance through entertaining ideas that may make us uncomfortable.

If this survey shows us anything, it is that Americans would do well to entertain the uncomfortable idea that this country they hold so high up on a pedestal has actually long been on a path to become the dystopian nightmare written about in books like 1984.

Americans would do well to remember the words by John Basil Barnhill in 1914 when he said,

“Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.”

Editor comment; so here’s the fact and reality for the DISCONTINUANCE and banning Fourth of July Parades …since the number one fear is od the Government, then there is no Freedom!


BLM & FBI Exposed

How the Bundy’s Got Released



by Shari Dovale   11/29/2017

The defendants in the Bunkerville Standoff Trial are to be released from prison. Ammon Bundy is to be released on Thursday morning, Nov 30th. Ryan Payne will be released, with the coordination of Judge Anna Brown in Oregon, as soon as he provides Bond.

Cliven Bundy has been offered release but has refused it. Cliven will wait until the remaining defendants, including 2 more of his sons, are also offered release.

These defendants have been incarcerated for nearly 2 years, and though the judge just recently ruled against their pre-trial release, she has changed her mind.

What happened?

There was a sealed hearing this morning. The court discussed the false narrative that the prosecution has been perpetuating. I am sure they did not call it that, but nonetheless, it is what it is.

The government has been trying to get everyone to believe many false statements, beginning with Cliven owing more than a million dollars in grazing fees. As we showed, they never sent a bill for grazing fees to the Bundy Ranch, however, the fees for trespassing cattle was less than $9,000. They added their own administrative fees to it which brought the total to less than $300,000. Far less than the $1.1 million they have been repeating through their controlled and biased media.

Another falsehood by the government is the cameras placed strategically to surveil the Bundy Ranch during the days that lead up to the standoff. The prosecution continued to deny their existence, down to mocking Ryan Bundy months ago when he filed a motion for the release of that information. The prosecutors called it a fishing expedition at the time, then had to eat their words when their own witness testified to the existence of these cameras.

Attempting to save face, AUSA Myhre, and company, made every excuse they could as to these cameras. Claiming there was only a single camera, it was shown to be at least 3, and possibly 4, cameras recording the Bundy family.

Prosecutors claimed that these cameras did not exist. The prosecutors then tried to say that, though these live feeds were streamed directly to the office of disgraced BLM Special Agent Daniel Love, no one was watching the extra large big screen TV. They also attempted to say that there was no recording of the surveillance, no one taking notes of the footage, and no one else could watch the video, all of which proved to be false.

Even Judge Navarro, who has continuously tried to help the prosecution, could not swallow that story.

There is also the tale of the government snipers. Though the information on the snipers was revealed in previous trials, the prosecution continued to call them false, and tried to say it was a lie by the defense. However, the release of more photographic evidence revealed the lies to come from the government.

The super-secret sealed hearing today, one of multiple such sealed hearings in this case, revealed more discovery that the prosecution has refused to turn over to the defense. It has been previously discussed how the government attempted to hide required discovery evidence by burying it deep in massive amounts of unrelated documents, including 2 full novels and unrelated medical records. It has been said that the amount of discovery is so massive that it must be accessed through a special website. At an estimated 4 terabytes large, it cannot fit on any one, or even two, computers.

However, even with these attempts, the prosecution continues to be caught hiding more exculpatory evidence.

Reliable sources have told me that the main reason that Judge Navarro agreed to the release of the defendants is because of the Threat Assessment Report.

The government has relied upon this report to justify keeping the defendants incarcerated. They have claimed all along that the Bundy’s were violent, yet no one has produced evidence of these claims.

The FBI did a Threat Assessment on the Bundy’s in the beginning that stated they were NOT a threat. The government has made every attempt to hide this report, yet it was finally revealed in court.

Additionally, this claim of the family being violent is what was used as justification for their overabundance of government agents during the impoundment operation known as “Gold Butte”.

As we shared previously from Deb Jordan, the undercover BLM agent, Robyn Kirkham, AKA Alex Branson, was making every attempt to get the Bundy family to react violently to the false narrative she was implying.

During the first trial in Las Vegas, Nevada against Bundy Ranch protestors caught up in a surprising show of force by Federal Law Enforcement, the FBI admitted on the stand that 1,000 FBI and other Federal officers were assigned to surveil the Bundy family and their closest followers on social media.  

One of those agents was Robyn Kirkham, a Bureau of Land Management Agent who under the direction of former BLM (SAC) Daniel P. Love, began her surveillance sometime in January of 2014.  

BLM Agent Robyn Kirkham is also known as “Alex Branson on FaceBook

BLM Agent Robyn Kirkham known as “Alex Branson on FaceBook”, contacted Bailey Bundy Logue in March of 2014 on Facebook. Bailey, who is the daughter of Cliven Bundy says that in those messages Agent Kirkham “aka” Alex Branson, tells her that she was involved in a group of “like minded” people in Cedar City, Utah and would like to help the Bundy family with protest they may be planning against the Bureau of Land Management’s upcoming cattle impoundments. She then ask if there are any plans coming up to protest —

The messages take on a more urgent feel after Kirkum tells Bailey Bundy that she is good friends with someone inside the Las Vegas Metro Police Department who is sympathetic to the Bundy cause.  She routinely alerts Cliven’s daughter, that her intel inside Metro PD is telling her “lots of cops” are coming down there, and that the BLM is starting to get “VERY” busy. At one point she tells her that her inside person is now advising that the BLM had an MRAP delivered to the compound.

So, the bottom line is: The BLM and FBI knew the family was non-violent, yet they lied about it from the beginning. The government used these lies to bring hundreds of agents to their ranch, commit atrocities against them, then incarcerate them for nearly two years.

Will the government be held accountable?

  • ●●

by Shari Dovale   11/29/2017

The defendants in the Bunkerville Standoff Trial are to be released from prison. Ammon Bundy is to be released on Thursday morning, Nov 30th. Ryan Payne will be released, with the coordination of Judge Anna Brown in Oregon, as soon as he provides Bond.

Cliven Bundy has been offered release but has refused it. Cliven will wait until the remaining defendants, including 2 more of his sons, are also offered release.

These defendants have been incarcerated for nearly 2 years, and though the judge just recently ruled against their pre-trial release, she has changed her mind.

What happened?

There was a sealed hearing this morning. The court discussed the false narrative that the prosecution has been perpetuating. I am sure they did not call it that, but nonetheless, it is what it is.

The government has been trying to get everyone to believe many false statements, beginning with Cliven owing more than a million dollars in grazing fees. As we showed, they never sent a bill for grazing fees to the Bundy Ranch, however, the fees for trespassing cattle was less than $9,000. They added their own administrative fees to it which brought the total to less than $300,000. Far less than the $1.1 million they have been repeating through their controlled and biased media.

Another falsehood by the government is the cameras placed strategically to surveil the Bundy Ranch during the days that lead up to the standoff. The prosecution continued to deny their existence, down to mocking Ryan Bundy months ago when he filed a motion for the release of that information. The prosecutors called it a fishing expedition at the time, then had to eat their words when their own witness testified to the existence of these cameras.

30 FBI Agents checked into Mandalay Bay Hotel 1-2 days before Vegas shooting?

Now we know why the FBI has implemented the most transparent cover-up in the history of American mass shootings.

From: Zed  November 1, 2017

State of the Nation

There are specific reasons why the FBI has led the cover-up of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Not only was the Bureau well aware of Stephen Paddock’s activities as an arms dealer well before the massacre, they knew that his hotel room had been transformed into a virtual armory.

That doesn’t mean that Paddock had anything to do with the mass murder; he didn’t.  Paddock was set up as the patsy who knew absolutely nothing about the false flag psyop carried out at the HARVEST on October 1, 2017.

It follows is perhaps the most radioactive breakthrough thus far regarding the Mandalay Bay massacre.  Unfortunately, the breakthrough in this case was not disclosed by the FBI.  That’s because it’s about the FBI’s direct involvement in the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Given the scenario presented below, it’s also quite possible that the FBI agents were set up to check into the Mandalay Bay by quite purposeful design.  In this way, the FBI was forced to participate in an uncompromising cover-up in order to avoid suspicion.  The agency may also have been alerted to a gunrunning deal or a terrorist attack, or both, but were provided flawed information to prevent them from thwarting the mass shooting.  So many different possibilities here; however, the FBI has demonstrated a reflexive pattern of criminal cover-ups that begs for a complete overhaul.

Nevertheless, all that really matters at this point is who ordered the unparalleled and extremely bold sneak attack on the concert-going patriots, and why.

Also discovered, the remote control car murder of two Vegas witnesses (compliments of the FBI). This is legit and is getting wiped everywhere.

Now known: just like on 911, with FEMA showing up a day early, the Las Vegas shooting was preceded by 30 of the FBI agents on this list checking into the Mandalay Bay 2 days before the shooting, to coordinate the shooting and keep the subsequent reporting cinched down to a phony monologue. This was revealed by Intel Hub, and Alex Jones is now doing a gran mal rant about it over at Infowars. Maybe he had crap on Vegas at first, but it seems he’s pulling for all of us now.

This could lead to an extremely dangerous situation, because the shadow [Deep] state is now cornered, and their solution could well be another 9-11.


Las Vegas BS or more confusion

By Dr. A. H. Krieg

The Las Vegas MGM Mandalay Bay shooting is taking on all the signs of a false flag operation. News on it has dried up, not a word from any of the Lamestream in weeks. As far as I can determine there are so many false reports of this incident that it is really difficult to keep up with reported events.

  1. The room from where the shooter Stephen Paddock supposedly committed the atrocity shows no burn marks on the carpets, and pictures that I saw showed no shell casings. This brings on the first question, how do you fire over 600 rounds and produce no shell casings?
  2. One of the pictures of the room shows a 22-caliber semi automatic rifle with a 30+round magazine. I hope no one is going to tell us that the shooter used a 22-caliber rifle to kill people at up to 350 yards because not even my granddaughter would believe that.
  3. It seems that the FBI had rented numerous rooms at the same hotel in the previous week.
  4. According to police reports they found a cell phone charger in the room. The problem being it is a cp502520 3.0V 600mAh Li-MnO2 thin cell charger that is only used by CIA and Special Forces for military communications devices. Worse the inventor John Beilman had his home searched under a secret FISA warrant and later wheeled his wheel chair bound daughter into his backyard and executed her and then committed suicide.
  5. The Hotel in question has one of the most sophisticated security systems available, every door, hallway, elevator, is monitored. Not one video of Paddock has been released, not even a picture.
  6. While the Caliphate claimed that Paddock was working for them no confirmation has been forthcoming. However there was a note on yellow paper that was seen on early videos of the room, which has mysteriously diapered.
  7. Denis Contreras was a witness who claimed that there were multiple shooters. Denis and his Wife Lorraine both died after their Mercers Benz smashed into a metal gate on the street where they lived and burst into flames. Their youngest daughter said she head the crash from her bedroom and rushed out to see their family car in flames.
  8. Another witness who claimed multiple shooters Kimberly Suchomel seems to have gone off the radar.
  9. I have personally seen video of the Hotel façade’ and seen muzzle flashes from about the 32nd floor as well as between the 3rd and 5th floors in two locations.
  10. Police as well as hotel timelines have been changed no less than four times. Considering that all the video recordings show exact times on the frames how is that even possible?
  11. It seems according to published information that Paddock brought scores of suitcases full of ammo and guns into the hotel to his 32nd floor room using a freight elevator. How was this done, hotel security would have seen it on their monitors, it is a violation of hotel policy for guests to use freight elevators. No one was interested in over 20 suitcases brought to a single room?
  12. There are reports from various sources that two helicopters were behind the hotel and people saw muzzle flashes from the helicopters. (Could have been fight lights)
  13. I understand that the horiffic event must have been extremeny confusing for the victims, however I have heard over a dozen people who were in attendance at the concert that there were numerous shooters from different locations.
  14. All cell phones of victims have mysteriously disappeared and any found had video and pictures removed.
  15. Casino employees have been threated by the FBI that if they speak with anyone about the incident they will be arrested for obstruction of an FBI investigation.
  16. A taxi driver’s cell video clearly shows multiple shooters.
  17. Many victims show horizontally produced gun shot wounds inconsistent with shots from a 32nd floor window, which would produce down angle penetrations wounds.
  18. Numerous witnesses have reported shots from many different angles and locations.
  19. Laura Loomed and many populist and nationalist journalists were blocked from attending police news conferences.
  20. Police have hidden Jesus Campos the hotel security guard who was first on the scene after their timeline conflicted with his statements.

No rational person could possibly consider all these conflicting matters as normal. In fact there have been numerous similar events in the last two years all of them seem to have an agenda that after every event is publicized by the Lamestream. This is immediately after the event articulated by the progressive left as: “We need to outlaw guns!” In view of the fact, that police in every case took from 10 to 15 minutes to respond to a call for help, the only solution is for more armed citizens that can instantly respond. Since many here and in Europe used trucks to run over pedestrian and bikers should we now outlaw trucks? The total elimination of gun free zones, in which many of these events took place, would be another rational act. Call me a conspiracy theorist but in my opinion all mass shootings of the last two years have police, federal agents and government involvement. I say this because none of us have any rational understanding of what took place in any of these events, because authorities have either not reported them or produced false and misleading information, Sandy Hook is a prime example. This brings us to a consideration about the perpetrators. Having met many psychiatrists I know what insanity is! I don’t care how crazy you are; murdering multiple children, women, and people is not an insane act. Someone has rewired the brain of these people. Even crazy people have some degree of humanity, the wanton mass killings of individuals unknown to the assailant is not only irrational it is impossible unless related to religious fundamental idiocracy. The fact that not in any of these events has any police agency articulated any reason for the perpetrator to have committed the crime is very apparent. The possible purposeful hiding of “Islamic Terrorism” is another possibility in order to absolve federal law enforcement agencies from blame. I say this because in numerous instances even when the perpetrators announce he was acting on behalf of the Caliphate, authorities attempted to block or disregard the matter. (Workplace violence under Obama) Conveniently in almost all cases the perpetrator was killed, committed suicide, or was shot by a third party. Witness testimony has in every case been suppressed. I know for a fact that from the event in CT onward every mass shooting has more anomalies that remain to this day unexplained than can be rationally articulated in a short article. Another really unconsidered fact is that in every case the killer was not really familiar with guns, had no training in weapons, but was able to effectively kill many, I don’t believe that scenario, I have shot over my entire life and do not accept that someone unfamiliar and untrained in guns can kill so many people in such a short timespan. Not only had someone to rewire his brain but they also had to school him in weapons use.

Listen to Adrian & Andy every Monday Morning on Eurofolkradio thanks.


Declassified Files Reveal Gov’t Plot to Carry

Out Soviet False Flag Attacks in US to Start War

The US government wanted to manufacture or obtain Soviet aircraft so they could launch an attack on America or friendly bases and use those attacks as a pretext for war

By Daily Sheeple

Preface; some of the American people are slowly beginning to realize that their “government” has been lying to them from the earliest days of this country.  That has never stopped and will never stop until the people put a stop to it.  The article below pertains to some material recently released on the JFK assassination.  The information presented therein clearly demonstrates how the U.S. “govt” wanted to create false flag operations so that America would be engaged in war with Russia and Cuba.  Kennedy stopped both of these plans, which were established and nearly put into effect by your own “government” doing the bidding of the cartel that has controlled this “government” from the very beginning.  The “government” lied then, before then, now, and will always lie to the people because the people never question or challenge the lies, but simply mindlessly believe them.  You can rest assured that the U.S. “government” is lying about North Korea, about Syria, about ISIS, about Israel, about Iran and many other subjects that directly affect you and your family.  It’s about time for the American people to question, challenge and object to the routine, customary lies told by their own “government” and to put so much pressure upon the domestic-enemy-traitors ruling AmeriKa that they fear that the American people will lawfully remove them from office and prosecute them for their treason.  As Jefferson said, “It is the duty of all Americans to oppose all enemies of the republic, both foreign and domestic.”  The domestic enemies far outweigh the foreign!  …Jack and Margy Flynn


As the deep state continues to push the Russian election interference narrative—with no concrete evidence—the damage to US-Russia relations continues to grow.

Sadly, those who continue to buy the Russiagate conspiracy theory have forgotten the US government’s history when it comes to propaganda used to start wars and bolster the military-industrial complex.

A recent revelation from the newly released JFK Files can now help put this entire Russian hacking scenario into context—as it has been the subject of previous propaganda campaigns. On March 22, 1962, a meeting, held by the “Special Group (Augmented),” which according to an encyclopedia on the Central Intelligence Agency, included Attorney General Robert Kennedy, CIA Director John McCone, National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lyman Lemnitzer, discussed the creation of a false flag attack on the United States to be blamed on the Soviets.

According to the documents, the US government wanted to manufacture or obtain Soviet aircraft so they could launch an attack on America or friendly bases and use those attacks as a pretext for war.

According to the previously Top Secret classified documents:

“There is a possibility that such aircraft could be used in a deception operation designed to confuse enemy planes in the air, to launch a surprise attack against enemy installations or in a provocation operation in which Soviet aircraft would appear to attack U.S. or friendly installations in order to provide an excuse for U.S. intervention.”

As the Daily Caller notes, the notion of using fake Soviet aircraft in a so-called “false flag” attack was first revealed in Robert Dallek’s “An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963,” which was released in 2001. Dallek’s book says that the idea to manufacture or obtain Soviet aircraft was suggested by CIA Director McCone, however, the released documents say it was raised by Attorney General Kennedy.

As people continue to believe the warmongering rhetoric from the state, they also continue to forget America’s history of lying to the people to get them to accept war. Indeed, the JFK files have now given us at least two incidents of the United States planning false flag attacks against its own people as a pretext to wage war.

As TFTP reported last month, the JFK files also reveal the plans for another false flag attack to be blamed on Cuba. In the document which was marked TS for Top Secret, the US military revealed its plans to trick Americans into war with Cuba. The plans were to create and carry out false flag terror attacks against American citizens and use them as propaganda to gain support for the war against Fidel Castro.

In the documents, officials noted that the plans for the attacks were “approved” and the Joint Chiefs merely needed to pick one of the nine “pretexts” to use to trick US citizens into war.

The plans involved killing innocent people and injuring others and making sure these instances would be “widely publicized” as propaganda to start an unjust war.

“We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington. The terror campaign could be pointed at Cuban refugees seeking haven in the United States. We could sink a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida (real or simulated),” the document reads.

Notice how callous these monsters sound when talking about drowning a boatload of Cubans—which would have likely contained innocent children—to start a bogus war for profit.

The document continues, “We could foster attempts on the lives of Cuban refugees in the United States even to the extent of wounding in instances to be widely publicized. Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of a Cuban agent and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government.”


Solid Resources and Brief Explanations

by Anna Von Reitz

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I have been asked (indeed, hounded) by people desperately searching for reliable guides to inform their actions in favor of restoring the land-based and lawful government we are all owed.

This in turn requires some basic understandings, and rather than explain this to each of 390 million people, please read, post, and pass this on.

All forms of law except Natural Law (Law of Gravity, Law of Heredity, etc.) come from religion. This is because our religion establishes what we consider “right” and “wrong” and that in turn establishes our Law.

The Law of the Land in the Western World is based on the Mosaic Law of the Bible, which is common to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  The Ten Commandments are the basis of the Law of the Land, which in this country is American Common Law.  The Constitution is also formed under Common Law and is called the “Law of the Land” by the Federal Government to distinguish it as the “law” that they must obey when dealing with us, the people of the United States, and our unincorporated states on the land known as the States of America.

Justices, popularly called “judges” in our Common Law Courts are NOT members of any Bar Association, do not hold any titles of nobility, and serve as either Magistrates (as when a Justice of the Peace performs a marriage) or Members of the Court (as when they pronounce the sentence required by the Trial Jury).

Common Law Justices aka “Judges” do not instruct juries in the sense of telling them what to do or in the sense of interpreting the Law— that is the job of the juries—-justices serve as a resource if juries have questions about court procedures and that sort of thing,  but they do not interfere with or direct or seek to influence the juries in their determinations. Common Law Justices take theirinstructions from juries, both Grand Juries and Trial Juries.

The Law of the Sea is international in nature and is based on the Law Merchant derived from the Code of Hammurabi (Maritime “Commercial” Law) and the Law of the Sea (Admiralty) which derived from the Satanic Law of Sumeria and the Phoenicians— the source of the word “phony”. This is the “legal” system of the sea jurisdiction as opposed to the “lawful” system of the land.  As you might expect, the Law of the Sea is based on deceit, as it derives from the worship of the Father of All Lies.

The judges in these courts are either business administrators or acting as priests of the Crown Temple. They are required to be Bar Association attorneys by the rules of their Jural Societies called Bar Associations and have taken Oaths of Nullification, known as the Kol Nidre, which according to the underlying religion of the Sea allows them to void any agreement they make, break their word with impunity and act deceitfully (commit fraud) without consequence.  These characters “simulate” judicial proceedings so as to — in their own words in the Federal Code of Civil Procedure — give an “appearance” of justice. These judges use juries as props in a play, and basically bully and “direct” juries to deliver whatever outcome the judge wants.

Law of the Land = Our Father, Law of the Sea = Lucifer.

There is also the Law of the Air, which is global in jurisdiction, and ecumenical.  It has only three laws: keep the peace, do no harm, treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. If you obey these Laws of the Air, you automatically fulfill all other laws and stand above any other form of law.

Now that you know where law comes from and realize the distinctions between American Common Law and the international Law of the Sea, you will not be surprised by the rich feast of information contained in the following highly recommended textbook:

The Excellence of the Common Law by Brent Winters

available on

This is NOT an inexpensive book ($70), nor is it light-weight, but it is the most readable, responsible, and enlightening book I have ever read concerning the Common Law, and it very helpfully compares and contrasts the Common Law against the sea-going Civil Law.  It is also written in a way that is careful to explain legalese in a way that laymen can easily understand. Anyone who wishes to participate in and restore the American Common Law Court System as a Justice or other Member of the Court — Clerks, Bailiffs, Sheriffs, and Coroners— should read this book from cover to cover.

For assistance in setting up lawful county and state governments on the land jurisdiction of the United States and filling vacated Public Offices:  I highly recommend the Michigan General Jural Society publication and handbook called “From De Facto to De Jure”. 

This invaluable handbook is available for free download from the Anti-Corruption Society website and  I am attaching a pdf “final draft” copy of it to be published on my website and distributed to my email distribution list. This is the most correct and comprehensive guide of its kind ever published and following it ensures that both the people and their Jural Societies act within the correct rules and right capacities so that they cannot be accused of subversion or insurrection.

For assistance in threading through the confusing maze of deceptively similar names and other means of misrepresentation and mischaracterization that have plagued us all for generations, I highly commend the work of Robb Ryder, and especially his YouTube video entitled “The Stile of this confederacy” available at this link:

Spend the hour this video requires and take notes.  Then revisit it and take notes again. Repeat until you are able to easily tell the difference between “United States of America” and “The United States of America” and the various other distinctions used to confuse and defraud Americans.

These resources will enable you to (1) restore the American Common Law Courts, (2) rebuild your lawful government, and  (3) translate your way through the best attempts of lawyers to obscure the true parties of interest in any “legal” process.

God bless Brent Winters, Michigan General Jural Society, and Robb Ryder who have done inestimable service for their fellowman and especially for the American people who stand in such need of these helps and instructions now.

See this article and over 100 others on Anna’s website here:


Homeless Explosion

Tech Boom, Surging Rents Creating Homeless Crisis On America’s West Coast

by Tyler Durden

November 7th, 2017

America’s liberal left coast states count themselves among the most adamant supporters of controversial pieces of legislation intended to support low-income families. From their stunningly high income tax rates to their $15 minimum wage mandates, states like California and Washington are leading the charge on implementing Bernie’s socialist agenda.

Of course, some of the biggest advocates of that socialist agenda are the billionaire leaders of Silicon Valley’s largest tech companies…which is precisely why it’s so ironic that it’s the “tech boom” being enjoyed by those billionaires that has resulted in surging housing prices and what SFGate described earlier today as a “homeless explosion pushing West Coast cities to the brink.”

Housing prices are soaring here thanks to the tech industry, but the boom comes with a consequence: A surge in homelessness marked by 400 unauthorized tent camps in parks, under bridges, on freeway medians and along busy sidewalks. The liberal city is trying to figure out what to do.

“I’ve got economically zero unemployment in my city, and I’ve got thousands of homeless people that actually are working and just can’t afford housing,” said Seattle City Councilman Mike O’Brien. “There’s nowhere for these folks to move to.”

That struggle is not Seattle’s alone. A homeless crisis is rocking the entire West Coast, pushing abject poverty into the open like never before.

Nationally, homelessness has been trending down, partly because governments and nonprofit groups have gotten better at moving people into housing. That’s true in many West Coast cities, too, but the flow the other direction is even faster.

“So everybody who was just hanging on because they had cheap rent, they’re losing that … and they wind up outside,” said Margaret King, director of housing programs for the nonprofit DESC in Seattle. “It’s just exploded.”

According to stats gathered by the Associated Press, some 168,000 people in California, Oregon and Washington count themselves among the growing tally of homeless folks who can’t afford housing.

Official counts taken earlier this year in California, Oregon and Washington show 168,000 homeless people in the three states, according to an AP tally of every jurisdiction in those states that reports homeless numbers to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. That is 19,000 more than were counted in 2015, although the numbers may not be directly comparable because of factors ranging from the weather to new counting methods.

—During the same period, the number of unsheltered people in the three states climbed 18 percent to 105,000.

Rising rents are the main culprit. The median one-bedroom apartment in the San Francisco Bay Area is more expensive than it is in the New York City metro area, for instance.

—Since 2015, at least 10 cities or municipal regions in California, Oregon and Washington have declared emergencies due to the rise of homelessness, a designation usually reserved for natural disasters.

Of course, when home prices double in a matter of just a few years and are seemingly just as volatile as a tech stock circa March 2000, you know there’s a problem.

Meanwhile, as we pointed out a few weeks ago (see: San Diego’s Deadly Hepatitis A Outbreak Turns “Statewide Epidemic” As “Outbreak Could Last Years”), the homeless crisis in California has resulted in an alarming hepatitis A outbreak that started in San Diego and is now on the verge of reaching statewide epidemic status as cases have spread through homeless tent cities all the way north to Sacramento.

California’s outbreak of hepatitis A, already the nation’s second largest in the last 20 years, could continue for many months, even years, health officials said Thursday.

At least 569 people have been infected and 17 have died of the virus since November in San Diego, Santa Cruz and Los Angeles counties, where local outbreaks have been declared.

Dr. Monique Foster, a medical epidemiologist with the Division of Viral Hepatitis at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters Thursday that California’s outbreak could linger even with the right prevention efforts.

“It’s not unusual for them to last quite some time — usually over a year, one to two years,” Foster said.

Of course, as SFGate points out, local governments on the West Coast are responding to the crisis in the best way they know how, namely by raising taxes…

All along the West Coast, local governments are scrambling for answers — and taxpayers are footing the bill.

Voters have approved more than $8 billion in spending since 2015 on affordable housing and other anti-homelessness programs, mostly as tax increases. Los Angeles voters, for example, approved $1.2 billion to build 10,000 units of affordable housing to address a homeless population that’s reached 34,000 people within city limits.

TAB Editor’s comment;   what do people expect when the money creation and banking is controlled by the Rothschilds international Banking Cabal, not by the U.S. Mint via constitutional authority, but blame is on the national and international traitors since before 1012. That ‘Federal Reserve Notes’ are in reality ‘Monopoly’® money and cannot by law ‘pay debts at law,’ people cannot acquire ‘Title’ to whatever they purchased, items, cars or property, etc.  ‘Federal Reserve Notes’ have no value as stated by the Federal Reserve Bank (they’re just pieces of paper!), and do not constitute ‘money.’ But when you have 99% of the people and those in Congress and the White House believing that ‘Monopoly’® money is real money and that’s the problem. The real problem is 1) They don’t want to fix it!  2) They cannot pay off the debt or they don’t want to know that they can, but that they’re being controlled.


The NAACP Wants To Get Rid Of The National Anthem

California’s division of the NAACP is now calling the American National Anthem “racist” and “anti-black.”Alice Huffman, California’s NAACP president said, “This song is wrong; it shouldn’t have been there, we didn’t have it ’til 1931, so it won’t kill us if it goes away…The message got distorted, the real intentions got overlooked, it became something that’s dividing us, and I’m looking for something to bring us back together.”

Another Case in Point:

Veterans Mortgage Benefit Sales-pitch?

…is it really a Benefit or just another part of the National Mortgage Fraud

From Morning Finance

HERE’S THE SALES PITCH: (with key points underlined and/or bolded)

The year was 1944. FDR was President, the Allies had invaded France, and the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs was launching a program that would reward the country’s most courageous citizens with assistance in the area of homeownership. 73 years later, not only have the VA’s little-known mortgage benefits not expired, but record-low interest rates have made them more valuable than ever. Sadly, 89% of veterans are not accessing the program that can save them up to $42,000* over their lifetimes.

(1) Veteran Homeowners: unlock exclusive benefits by upgrading your conventional loan to a VA loan

Conventional loans are just that: conventional. And convention has it those homeowners who have paid less than 20% for a down payment are subject to paying a higher monthly bill which includes an extra fee called PMI (private mortgage insurance). However, VA Loans are exempt from PMI! Thanks to your service, no additional insurance is needed. This factor alone can put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket each month. Also, VA loans’ historically low interest rates can save the average veteran homeowner tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. Flexible term options allow homeowners to lock in a payback schedule that works for them.

(2) Help for Vets Who Need Cash Now

Cash for life’s expenses plus a loan term choice? Now that’s the best of both worlds. Your current loan has a built-in option called a “Cash-Out Refinance” that allows you to transform some or all of your home equity into cash and update your loan term to whatever works best for you. The cash is available for anything you need, including:

  • Paying off high-interest debt
  • Home renovation
  • Paying for a child’s education
  • Covering unexpected bills

(3) Buying a home? How does $0 down sound?

For Veteran home buyers, the VA Loan is a no-brainer. Qualifying vets can get into a home with as little as $0 down without paying a penny in PMI. For most Americans, the down payment is the key factor keeping them from home ownership, locking them in a cycle of endless renting. For qualifying vets, renting just became a thing of the past.

(4) Check Your Eligibility

Find out if you’re eligible for VA loan refinance and cash-out options by selecting your state from the map below.


From the ‘sales pitch, home ownership in that past 73 years was not a reward for service fighting for one’s country (and certainly not for dying for one’s country), it’s a sales pitch. If the Federal Government (U.S., Inc.) really wanted to reward those who went into the military one way or another, it could have just gave them, each and all, a house …of their choosing, obviously within appropriate relative market value …so by the numbers:

  • Veteran Homeowners can unlock exclusive benefits by upgrading their conventional loan to a VA loan, but actually not have to pay home insurance, and yes that’s great, BUT; even though VA loans’ have historically low interest rates that can save the average veteran homeowner tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan, there’s that issue of the ‘LOAN.’
  • Number two (2) is nice if needed, but immaterial at this point.

(3)  Buying a home? How does $0 down sound? Sounds great …but do you smell a rat yet?

Since Banks cannot loan its money for a veteran’s home loan and the Bank cannot loan the (so-called) money of its depositors for a veteran’s home loan. The VA cannot loan its money either for VA Home Loans.  So the same old question is asked again! Where does the so-called money come from for a veteran’s home Loan?

The veteran who served his country, who heads to the bank to sign all the papers to ‘buy the house,’ will sign a promissory note and it is this promissory note that created the value (money on the table so-to-speak) to buy the house.

The Bank ledgers the amount on the promissory note on both sides of the account (and actually owes this amount back to the veteran) and the Bank then has the veteran sign a mortgage contract for whatever the number of years per the mortgage to make payments.

No one else put up any so-called money for the loan (to engage a lien on the home/property), so the mortgage contract appears to be based on fraud, based on non-disclosure of terms and conditions as no one else loaned any money to have a valid lien on the home/property …in the event on non-payment due to financial conditions unforeseen.

Since the IRS states that “promissory notes are equivalent to cash,” so why doesn’t the VA or the Bank just have the veteran/home buyer sign one or two more promissory notes, one to pay off the any balance of the home if any and one for the service/profit to go to the bank or even back to the VA (that doesn’t need the money)?

Please note that, as referenced above, the government at every level does not make or create so-called money. They get from the people in various ways, fines, fees, taxes, from one’s UCC Contract Trust Account/S.S. Account/T.D.A. held at a Federal Reserve Bank via the U.S. Treasury, or from your signature.

Case in point, the VA is engaged in commercial fraud in regards to Veteran Home Loan program(s) (and all other Banks, etc.) and this aspect of the ‘National Mortgage Fraud’ is deemed a “reward” for one’s service to his country.

Make’s one proud to be an American!

Trump Conquers the New World Order

… with a Bucket List to Make American Great Again

by Our Spirit

Within a previous article, the Anonymous Patriots suggested a procedure for draining Washington’s stagnant, corrupt, quick-sand swamp. It was a to-do list for ending George H. W. Bush’s attempt to create a New World Order from within the White House that attempted to usurp the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. In this article, we remind our readers of this list and give you an update on our progress.

Folks, we are winning.

The White House mafia bosses that have come after Daddy Bush have all kowtowed to George senior as though he were King George of England. His deep cover C. I. A. leadership role in the assassination of J.F.K. has been thoroughly exposed as has his fleecing of the U.S.S.R. via his C.I.A. covert activities, the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, the Iran/Contra Scandal, the attacks on 911, and many, many other crimes that the corrupt FBI, DOJ, and Congress have refused to honestly investigate and swiftly prosecute.

They thought their evil would outlast We the People. But the Bush-Obama-Clinton criminal cartel has failed. Time is on our side, not theirs. Their entrenched and corrupt bureaucracies, agencies, and covert operations will be exposed, scaled back, defunded, and shut down over Trump’s eight years in office. The criminals will age, wither, and die, leaving only the carcass of their sins to be judged by history and a far higher power than our own.

We need to continue to educate and enlighten those around us so that we can keep up the daily momentum in destroying George H. W. Bush’s New World Order.

Enforce the Rule of Law

Trump has started an all-out war in bringing

back the rule of law and the rats are jumping ship. Even the worst (fake) criminal law enforcers and the top D. C. lawyer “fixers” like Comey, Mueller, McCabe, Brennen, Rogers, Clapper, Rosenstein, Weissman, and many others are taking up arms against a sitting president and trying every legal trick they can, but to no avail. D. C. criminals will be indicted and prosecuted while Trump remains invulnerable.

End All American Association with UN

Trump has openly threatened to decrease the American contributions to the United Nations by 50% next year! He has already stopped funding UNESCO by a billion dollars. He has “called-out” the UN Refugee program as a fraud and pointed at the abuses of UN “peace keeping troops.” It looks like the UN will soon be a thing of the past.

Withdrawal from the Climate Accords

We advocated that America should withdraw from the five trillion dollar commitment to the Climate Accords, which we call “a fundraiser for Al Gore.” Everywhere, the real data is now coming out that shows the $200 billion dollar fraud of climate warming, that was predicted to end humanity soon, is government sponsored propaganda and a scheme of redistributing wealth and destroying the middle class.

This pathetic lie was based upon fraudulent 

data provided by fake scientists who had to spew climate lies to get government grants for further research. Thanks, Donald, for saving America $5 trillion.

End all Globalist Accords

We hoped to see the end of all “globalist accords” that drain Americans through unjust federal taxes that are then redistributed to other nations through NAFTA, the Iran Nuclear Deal, TPP, TIPP, NATO, and many other organizations, treaties, pacts, and alliances. Trump’s Art of the Deal has saved the Republic from the transnational corporations that have been selling out America for decades.

Default on the Debt

No real change can manifest in the economic prison nation of America until the fake debt owed to the U. S. Federal Reserve is defaulted on after the Fed has been audited and all assets belonging to the United States of America are taken back from this fraudulent scheme to permanently entrap Americans in fake “war” debt.

It will take delicate care to investigate, audit, and gain control of the Federal Reserve system (a private corporation) and its central banks throughout the United States. A complete audit of U. S. gold holdings and the gold holdings of all central banks in the U. S. will need to be coordinated at the same time. Once the Federal Reserve is audited and all its assets frozen by the U.S. Treasury, we recommend that the U.S. default on its debt to this corrupt private corporation.

In our plan, the Fed will declare bankruptcy and the U.S. Treasury will seize all assets of the Federal Reserve System, which includes twelve central banks throughout America. The gold, fiat currencies, and bonds will be given to the Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund which already establishes U.S. monetary policy for the Federal Reserve.

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Secret Document Hid The Truth About EU From The British For 30 Years

 The New World Order idea that our leaders have been secretly selling us out to a one world government for the past 40 years is a conspiracy THEORY, is it? Well….

By Carol Adl
November 22, 2017

A secret document, which was locked away for 30 years, urged the British Government to cover up the realities of EU membership.

The document, better known as FCO30/1048, was locked away under Official Secrets Act rules to ensure that by the time the British public realized what was happening, it would be too late to leave.

The Express reports: Almost all of the shocking predictions – from the loss of British sovereignty, to monetary union and the over-arching powers of European courts – have come true.

But damningly for Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath, and all those who kept quiet about the findings in the early 70s, the document, known as FCO30/1048, was locked away under Official Secrets Act rules for almost five decades.

The classified paper, dated April 1971, suggested the Government should keep the British public in the dark about what EEC membership means predicting that it would take 30 years for voters to realize what was happening by which time it would be too late to leave.

That last detail was the only thing the disgraceful paper – prepared for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) – got wrong.

The unknown author – a senior civil servant – correctly predicted the then European Economic Community (the EEC effectively became the EU in 1993) was headed for economic, monetary and fiscal union, with a common foreign and defense policy, which would constitute the greatest surrender of Britain’s national sovereignty since 1066.’

He went on to say “Community law” would take precedence over our own courts and that ever more power would pass away from Parliament to the bureaucratic system centered in Brussels.

The author even accurately asserts that the increased role of Brussels in the lives of the British people would lead to a “popular feeling of alienation from Government”.

But shockingly politicians were advised “not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures… to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community”.

They were told to preserve the impression that the British Government was still calling the shots rather than an unelected body of foreign politicians – and that the ruse would last “for this century at least” – by which time Britain would be so completely chained to Brussels it would be impossible to leave.

Document FCO30/1048, which has now been declassified under the 30-year rule, still shocks and angers Brexiteers.

Annabelle Sanderson, a Brexit expert and former advisor to Nigel Farage said: “Despite all the claims from politicians of many parties that the EU was not about becoming a central state this 1971 document shows that is exactly what the plan was.

“Arch Remoaners from Labour, Lib Dems and the Tories need to check this out and ask themselves why they are MPs if they don’t actually want Westminster to be in charge of this country.

“We voted for Brexit what needs to happen is a proper clean break from Brussels so we can once again become a sovereign nation with money being spent in this country on services we need and have Parliament and courts making and ruling on the laws.”

The writer and journalist Christopher Booker, one of the founders of the satirical magazine Private Eye, said: “Here was a civil servant advising that our politicians should connive in concealing what Heath was letting us in for, not least in hiding the extent to which Britain would no longer be a democratic country but one essentially governed by unelected and unaccountable officials.

“One way to create an illusion that this system was still democratic, this anonymous mandarin suggested, would be to give people the chance to vote for new representatives at European, regional and local levels.

“A few years later, we saw the creation of an elected European Parliament – as we see today a craze for introducing elected mayors, as meaningless local figureheads.”

The pro-Europe Sir Edward Heath was leader of the Conservative Party from 1965 to 1975. He died in 2005.

TAB Editor comment; similar to Obama’s Health care Bill. All the liberal fascist politicians stated that “we have to pass it first before we know what’s in it!” And as large a bill as it was, it took a few years to actually see what was in it. Of course, it was fraudulent from the get go, and then it became know how draconian it really was. A massive fraud upon the American people, advanced by an imposter President, as Obama was not a U.S. Citizen due to the fact that he was not born in the U.S.A.!!!

TRUMP Continued From Here

The $24.5 trillion owed to the Federal Reserve will either be dropped in the bankruptcy or the Treasury can print useless fiat currency to pay the debt as they recently did for $4.5 trillion to cover the purchase of U. S. bonds being sold by China, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in “off book transactions.”

It is important to remember that ending the Federal Reserve will not crash the currency, bond, or stock markets. All three of those are controlled currently by the Exchange Stabilization Fund through back door trading done by the ESF and the U. S. Treasury. It has been proven that the

ESF controls all three “free” markets.

As we have seen through the many gold, silver, and interest rate “fixing” lawsuits brought against the major international banks, the U. S. Treasury, U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the U. S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is aware that the markets are “fixed.” Billions in penalties have been leveled against these major banks for fixing the markets. The U.S. Treasury cannot allow markets to “run wild.”

Eventually, Trump can end U. S. fiat currency and create a new currency with a basket of commodities to back it up, including gold, silver, other precious metals, and commodities. The old “Federal Reserve notes” will become useless after a recall of old currency that weeds out money that has not been taxed – off shore accounts and tax havens.

This action immediately eradicates all off-shore tax-haven money, illegal drug money, stolen and laundered money, and currency held by foreign nations that has left America illegally. The new currency will be established after the hidden C. I. A. gold and assets have been audited and seized by the U. S. Treasury.

No one knows how many thousand tons of stolen war gold the C. I. A. (George H. W. Bush’s Barrick Gold Corporation) has amassed but it is enough to tip the balance of world gold holdings to America. This gold will cushion the radical but simple changes that must take place to eradicate globalism from the current U. S. systems that are controlled by the same shareholders who own the majority of shares

in the top defense corporations – who are, by the way, almost all globalists bankers who loan money to, and sell weapons to the very enemies we are fighting.

In our nationalist Trump utopia, we had hoped that the greatest threat to world economies would end, the insane $500 trillion dollar derivatives markets controlled by the Bank for International Settlement, the most corrupt bank in the world, that must simply be abolished along with all derivatives and hedge fund betting.

Dissolve the Council on Foreign Relations

Patriots continue to demand that the transnational, international, globalist, Jesuit controlled, Rockefeller funded war-machine called the Council on Foreign Relations be dissolved and its war-hawk policies be destroyed. This anti-American group has decided U. S. foreign policy for decades and has told presidents what they will do and not do.

Trump met with Henry Kissinger, the most powerful and evil political warlord in the CFR who is wanted in multiple nations for crimes

against humanity, and told him “no thank you” for his advice. Trump does not listen to this globalist bunch of greedy bankers, brokers, and warlords.

Rescind the National Defense Authorization Act

We advocate that all of Obama’s executive overreach concerning the National Defense Authorization Act be rescinded. These unprecedented additions made it legal for the Department of Defense to operate in the U. S. – for the first time in history. Propaganda was also legalized and Americans are now targeted as “war actors” and “enemies of the state.” Obama created a police state that used illegal surveillance on Trump and all Americans. Now it is time for Trump to turn the tables on the real enemies of our state – the corporate intelligence agencies and the corporate warlords.

Withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

A key action factor to dismantling George H. W. Bush’s New World Order is to withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Atlantic Council and all treaties or accords that require America to defend other nations.

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U.S. government collusion with the toxic chemical industry

Check out the “poison papers” website that has collected thousands of documents

by: Isabelle Z.

(Natural News) A treasure trove of documents exposing the dirty deeds of the chemical industry has now been posted online thanks to the efforts of the Center for Media and Democracy and the Bioscience Resource Project. The documents, which date back to the 1920s, illustrate the lengths to which the chemical industry has gone to cover up its misdeeds, and they also provide evidence of governmental collusion.

The papers can be found on the website.

This resource consists of more than 20,000 pieces of regulatory agency correspondence and documents over nearly a century, and they show that regulators and the industry not only knew how toxic their products were but also worked together to keep the public from finding out about it.

Many of the documents were obtained throughout the years by activist and author Carol Van Strum. They include internal memos, strategic discussions, internal scientific studies, sworn testimonies and meeting minutes.

Van Strum first started investigating the industry as part of a court case after the Forest Service sprayed her children with the herbicide known as 2,4,5-T outside their rural Oregon home as they fished in a river. She assisted her lawyer with research in exchange for a reduced fee and discovered that she enjoyed organizing and studying these documents.

Over the years, she has helped others working on similar suits and has collected a barn full of documents. You can read more about her incredible story – which includes the suspected arson of her home that killed her four children, an incident she believes was likely related to her activism – on The Intercept.

Anyone can search these documents

Now, these documents have been scanned and digitized and placed online in a searchable format where everyone can see the wrongdoings of firms like Monsanto, Dow, Union Carbide and the manufacturers and commercial testing companies they worked with. Some of the regulatory agencies the documents were sourced from include the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

Some of the toxic chemicals discussed in these papers include herbicides and pesticides, Agent Orange, PCBs and dioxins. While some of these documents have already surfaced throughout the years, many of them have never been posted publicly.

The papers were uploaded to DocumentCloud in PDF format and can be searched using keywords like the name of the chemical or company being researched.

The Bioscience Resource Project’s Executive Director, Dr. Jonathan Latham, said that what sets this collection apart is its focus on the actions of regulators. “Time and time again regulators went to the extreme lengths of setting up secret committees, deceiving the media and the public, and covering up evidence of human exposure and human harm. These secret activities extended and increased human exposure to chemicals they knew to be toxic,” he said.

The papers show, for example, how the chief medical officer of Monsanto, George Roush, once admitted under oath that he knew Monsanto’s studies into the effects of dioxins on workers’ health were written up for scientific literature in a way that obscured their health effects. The studies were then used by the EPA to avoid placing regulations on dioxins and by manufacturers to defend themselves in lawsuits claiming Agent Orange exposure damages filed by veterans.

Between the Poison Papers and the increasing pile of internal documents and emails being revealed as part of the class action lawsuit against Monsanto, the world is starting to find out just how underhanded chemical companies have been – and how much the government has let them get away with.


TRUMP Continued From Here

Trump has insinuated numerous times that NATO is outdated and the member countries don’t pay their fair share.

Close the New York Stock Exchange (ICE, Inc.)

Sever the ties (chains) with the New York Stock Exchange and its owner Intercontinental Exchange Inc. (ICE, Inc). ICE is the most powerful player in stocks, bonds, mortgage-backed securities, futures, and derivatives. Basically, ICE is the biggest “gambling casino” in the world where fractional investments, high-speed trading, and the total control of the “private tax shelter”, called markets, rules American investment and retirement capital.

One quadrillion in trades happen on the New York Stock Exchange per year – all of which are basically tax-free throughout the year of investing. Markets are scams run by the ICE gambling casino. They don’t need to exist at all. Each of the 12,000 or so companies on the NY Stock Exchange can raise their own capital privately and then there would be no “longs and shorts”, “puts and calls”, futures, hedging, derivatives or other “legal forms of gambling.”

The stock markets can simply close – they are private corporations that work hard to steal from U. S. taxpayers.

End the Mortgage Electronic Registration System

Unplug the Mortgage Electronic Registration System, (MERS) and stop gambling with American home mortgages on the stock market by bundling them into mortgage-backed securities that have already caused one stock market crash. Use U. S. land and mortgages as a new type of Land Bank backed by mortgages that are tracked by the state counties (using blockchain technology) where the title is issued, not the lending institutions and banks who are controlling members of MERS.

Change Banking Rules and End the Glass-Steagall Act

The Glass-Steagall Act allows commercial bankers to also be investment bankers – which is simply insider trading. End derivative swaps, fractional banking, investment banking, and replace them with state banks, land banks, community banks, and postal banks. Trump has directly addressed these issues repeatedly and may, once he is in his second term, truly change the criminal activity of banks and brokers.

End Corporate Control of the Food and Drug Administration

Stop corporate control of the Food and Drug Administration. Stop Monsanto’s poisonous glyphosates, pharmaceutical poisons, pharmaceutical control of vaccines, immunity for drug companies, and end mandatory vaccinations. Allow no Monsanto, or Big Pharma lobbyist or employees anywhere near government, especially not in the FDA.

Secure American borders to protect US citizens. Enforce all immigration laws and rules. End all sanctuary cities. Deport all illegals and respect all U. S. immigration laws. We have seen Trump be victorious in this area again and again.

Enact Term Limits for Congress

Create term limits for all state and federal congressional members. Reform election rules so that only public dollars support candidates not corporate Super Pacs driven by corporate donations. Trump has said he supports term limits and political reform that ends the control of Washington by career politicians.

End Lobbying

There is no need for biased, vested interests to “buy control” in Washington D. C. except to undermine, manipulate, and control our government through corporate corruption. Trump has taken action against lobbyists and even made rules about limiting participation in lobbying after holding public office.

No Dual-Citizens in Congress

Prohibit “dual-citizenship” for congressional members. Only American citizens, without dual citizenship, may hold public office in any state or federal elected office.

Audit HUD

Audit the Housing and Urban Development Agency which has traditionally been known for being the slush-fund for the C. I. A. and the Department of Defense. Thank you, Dr. Carson, for finding $200 billion in fraud so far.

Repeal Obamacare

Repeal Obamacare and deregulate insurance companies while investigating medical practices in general throughout America. Curtail the medical industries monopoly on pricing and services. Create medical insurance options that are affordable and useful. Trump has already worked hard on these ideas and will eventually get congress to create a reasonable plan.

Arrest George Soros

Arrest George Soros for treason, sedition, and fraud for fomenting violence, killings, and economic terrorism through a conspiracy of anti-America political organizations (not-for-profit, tax-exempt NGOs) and his “color revolutions” (regime change) in many countries, including the Purple Revolution in America to overthrow a duly elected president.

Continued From Here
Continued From Here

Restructure the IRS

Revamp, if not eliminate, the IRS and make filing taxes as simple as possible. End the need for tax lawyers and tax accountants. Abolish payroll taxes replacing it with a flat sales tax on all purchases. No more tax exemptions, no more off-shore tax havens, no more movement of money out of America to avoid taxes.

Everyone pays the same taxes.

If you purchase more – you pay more taxes. The rich will no longer “avoid” taxes through legal tax loopholes. Corporations will pay their fair share – finally. Trump is working hard currently to create the biggest tax changes in modern history and to bring back the wealth that has left America through corporate scams. [But note; the wage earning American does not derive an ‘income’ from working, as there is ‘equal valuable exchange of consideration,’ ergo; No gain or profit!]

Ban Anti-American Globalist Organizations in the U.S.

Ban the operation of globalist organizations in the United States that have demonstrated ill-will towards America through undermining U. S. Constitutional rights by claiming the superiority of corporate rights: Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, DARPA, In-Q-Tel, SAIC, Bilderberg Society, Knights of Malta, Council on Foreign Relations, Highland Forum Group, etc., etc., etc.

This also includes NGOs that operate within the U.S. with agendas to undermine American Christian moral values and debase American civil liberties. Trump is a nationalist who is demolishing the substructure of the globalists, the New World Order, the devotees of the United Nations, or whatever you want to call these anti-Americans. Even the word “globalism” has become a dirty word during Trump’s administration.

End Tech Monopolies

Tech monopolies were originally designed and funded with military resources (tax-payer money) through patent theft by DARPA, In-Q-Tel, SAIC, Leidos, and other Department of Defense agencies that created the Internet, Sysco Systems, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Google, Facebook, and all the others. These tech giants should become U. S. publicly-owned utilities since tax-payers paid for the original source code that was then given out as open-source material to these tech giants who now profit by the weaponization of that technology against Americans.

Trump is not in bed with the “fake” tech barons like Obama was and therefore you see them shaking in their boots for fear of anti-trust actions Trump could take against them. We already see that some tech warlords are now having to pay taxes in the countries they were hiding in to avoid taxes in the United States. Zuckerberg is always running, running, running. Trump has given him something to run from – anti-trust lawsuits and jail-time.

Just look what patriots have prepared over almost a 20 year span, waiting for the right time to expose the deep corruption in the tech industry.

Don’t stop now…..keep going with these steps to continue unwinding the progress towards globalization and government tyranny.

End all climate control efforts: geo-engineering, chemtrails, HAARP, microwave transmissions, etc.

Start a moratorium on all genetic manipulation, growing of clones for embryos, stem cell recovery programs.

Stop the protection of big tobacco and abolish the use of the most powerful narcotic in existence – nicotine.

End all refugee programs in America until we end hunger in America for our own citizens.

Stop giving U. S. tax dollars to universities unless each American citizen can get a free college education. End foreign student enrollment in American public universities. End sports as a part of university education. Universities should be completely free to all state residents.

Allow no one who has worked for the CIA or FBI to hold public office after they have left those agencies.

End the illegal Federal Department of Education and re-establish the state’s right to administer education. End the Common Core curriculum movement and teach civics to students so that they know how their government runs. Trump is currently dismantling the U. S. Department of Education.

Repeal the Patriot Act (U. S. Freedom Act) and all Obama executive orders that take civil rights from Americans.

End all off-shore banking, tax havens, and other methods of stealing American money without paying taxes.

End all bombing of foreign countries and remove any troop deployments that are not fully sanctioned by the U. S. Congress.

Take away the Catholic Church’s tax-exempt status for the crimes its priests have inflicted upon children and others. Seize all Catholic assets in America and distribute the funds to the many, many victims whose cases have not been heard. End all formal ties with the Vatican or any of its affiliates.

Create non-aggression agreements with China, Russia, and all other nuclear nations. End nuclear proliferation and dismantle all weapons of mass destruction.

End Planned Parenthood abortions and the use of fetal tissue, embryo harvesting and other inhumane practices concerning birth.

End Big Pharma’s control of U. S. citizens by mandatory immunizations.


End covert U. S. military terrorism throughout the world through the CIA utilizing the 662 U. S. military bases in foreign nations.

…Trump is Working on the List

George HW Bush quote; “The Anonymous Patriots are impressed with the work Trump has already done in dismantling the New World Order. One mighty presidential action after the next is leaving the globalists crying and trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered plans.

Trump is “not their president” and he is messing up the entire system that has been developing since 1913 when the Fed (International Jewish Banking Cabal of the Rothschild’s) made its bid to “take over the Republic” via international bankers, brokers, and warlords.

Since the founding of the United Nations (League of Nations), international elites have been fighting to take over the flow of money in America. The United Nations almost supplanted the U. S. Congress when George H. W. Bush went to war with Iraq with only a U. N. Resolution to back his private oil war. The U. S. Congress did not vote to go to war either time in Iraq or the many other countries Bush, Clinton, and Obama have bombed, and subsequently fleeced.

President Obama ignored the U. S. Constitution as he bombed seven countries without a declaration of war or even the support of the U. S. Congress or the United Nations. Two million dead and 55 million refugees later, Europe is invaded by the refugees created by Obama and Hillary Clinton. These wars will not be easy to get out of, but Trump is doing a great job removing America from these White House sponsored, terrorist attacks on other sovereign nations. [Obama was an ‘imposter’ President/C.E.O. of U.S., Inc., as he was born is Africa, with a fraudulent Hawaiian Birth Certificate and per the ‘corporate constitution, he could not fill the office.]

There is no need to repeat the horrifying crimes and treason committed by the Bush/Clinton/Obama mafia families that are coming to light in the news every day. All the other living presidents hate Trump because their fake “good names” in the corporate propaganda media are coming unraveled. Each day, news arises of the blatant corruption, greed, and lawlessness of the former U. S. presidents and their cronies.

Now that our bucket-list of wishes is almost empty, perhaps we should take our corrupt former presidents and put them in the bucket and take them out with the trash – where they belong – and say good-bye to the their dream of the New World Order.

Editor comment; No, take all corrupt past Presidents, Congressmen, government employees who are ‘traitors’ and all liberal fascists/antifa, Soros, etc., and put them on an deserted island for their eternity!




Source: Hal Turner Radio Show

The King of Saudi Arabia has admitted members of the Saudi Royal family helped Orchestrate the attacks of 9/11 upon the United States, and they have now been ARRESTED.

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman recent ‘anti-corruption’ crackdown on the powerful elite has included dozens of powerful 9/11 conspirators, including Osama bin Laden’s brother and royal family members.

The new purge that saw the mass arrests of royalty and billionaires saw dozens of elites placed under house arrest, including 38 cabinet members that were accused of being the architects of 9/11.

President Donald Trump is said to have had a significant influence on the recent purge, which saw the Clinton/Bush globalist era come to a sudden close.

Clinton allies and donors, along with 9/11 conspirators, have all been arrested signaling the end of the globalist influence on the world.

Many Americans have been aware of the role Saudi Arabia played in the 9/11 attacks; 5 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis.

In 2002, the bipartisan Joint Congressional Inquiry conducted an extensive investigation into the intelligence failures in the lead-up to 9/11.

President George W. Bush sealed the section covering Saudi Arabia’s possible involvement, presumably to avoid damaging relations with one of America’s closest Middle Eastern allies.

Since then, the 28 pages have been locked in a basement room at the U.S. Capitol; lawmakers can read them, but are forbidden from revealing their exact contents. Spearheading the campaign to have them declassified is former Sen. Bob Graham, who co-chaired the inquiry.

“The 28 pages primarily relate to who financed 9/11,” he said last year, “and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia.”

But before Trump, weak leaders like Bush, Clinton, and Obama failed to stand up to the Saudis, thus selling out the American people.

Then the Massacre at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas took place. According to radar recordings from the nearby McCarran airport, at least seven helicopters appeared to have been used in that attack.

Three of them hovered over rooftops near to both Mandalay Bay and to the Country Music festival which was attacked.

The hovering was presumably done to drop-off shooters.

Regardless of whatever shots may have been coming from Mandalay Bay, video from Las Vegas clearly shows MUZZLE FLASH coming from mid-air, away from Manadalay Bay – which could only have come from a helicopter.

It turned out that certain Saudis owned the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay, and according to highly confidential information, members of the Saudi Royal Family were in Las Vegas the night of the attack.

Perhaps even the King of Saudi Arabia himself!

This has lead certain investigators to conclude the “worst mass shooting in US history” was actually an ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION of certain Saudi Royalty.

The hit was financed by certain members of the Saudi government. The people killed at the concert . . . . were a DIVERSION from the real target:

The Saudi royalty in Vegas that night.

President Trump dispatched Jared Kushner to Saudi Arabia via commercial flight on an UNANNOUNCED trip.

My former colleagues in the FBI confirm Kushner brought with him, highly classified investigation materials showing who paid how much to whom in order to carry out or facilitate the attack, and telephone/email intercepts proving the Vegas massacre was a cover for an attempted “hit” against the Saudi Royals.

72 Hours after Kushner departed Saudi Arabia, “the purge” began, with round-ups of Royal Family members, current and former Ministers and others. Apparently, many of those arrested – BUT NOT ALL – have been financing/using terrorism for years to implement THEIR goals worldwide. Most of them were wrapped-up in one fell swoop when the Crown Prince had so many arrested.

The cabal is out of business. 
Their compatriots in the AMERICAN Federal Government,
are next.

The last 16 years have seen the Saudi regime continually block information that could lead to a full investigation of 9/11, leading implications for the wealthy orchestrators.

Trump’s election promise to investigate 9/11

Many see the recent mass arrests as a sign the Trump’s election promise to investigate 9/11 is coming to fruition, which will deliver a long overdue justice to the Americans.

Trump said: “First of all, the original 9/11 investigation is a total mess and has to be reopened,” Trump said during the election campaign, to widespread mockery from the press.

But whoever laughs last, laughs best. And Trump is developing the habit of getting the last laugh. During a February debate, then-candidate Trump took a crack at former president George W. Bush.

“The World Trade Center came down during the reign of George Bush,” he said in a February debate. “He kept us safe? That is not safe.”

Trump is no longer playing the cozy game of the deep state, hence the reason we are seeing such a backlash against him.

“Why did the administration at the time not take legal means against Saudi Arabia? Weren’t 19 of the high-jackers from Saudi Arabia?” Trump questioned February. “Americans deserve answers and I will definitely request a new investigation so that this horrible tragedy never happens again.”

9/11 conspirators in custody

Following the mass arrests, which now sees prosecutors working on cases, there may soon be light at the end of the tunnel.

“I’ve got to tell you, for all the elites out in the world, the Party of Davos guys are sitting there today gobsmacked, absolutely shocked,” Steve Bannon said.

“The largest financier in the Arab world, the Muslim world, is Prince Alwaleed. He’s got stakes in just about every high-tech company. He’s a huge partner of Rupert Murdoch. When he came to the United States back in the early nineties, he was actually a client of my firm as he got into Hollywood; he got into media. He owns a huge stake in Citicorp, he saved Citicorp from going bankrupt.”

“People are stunned today that he was put under house arrest, put under arrest yesterday in Saudi Arabia, in this situation of what they called corruption, money laundering, et cetera.

People are thinking this is directly tied to the financing of the Muslim Brotherhood, this whole thing about cleaning up Saudi Arabia to take care of this.

“You’re going to see a lot of changes. This thing is far, far from over. You’re at the top of the first inning. You’re probably at the first batter,” Bannon said.


Many of you may be aware that a group calling itself ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist Action) had planned a massive “uprising” for November 4, with the publicly stated goal of forcing President Trump and Vice President Pence from office.

For months, these “rallies” were touted as “Nov. 4 It Begins . . . .”

Well, November 4 came and went, and ANTIFA couldn’t even muster a thousand people (total) from all of the cities they planned their uprising in. 
It turned out, the money never arrived!

Why? Because three days earlier, a whole slew of Saudi Billionaires ended up under arrest.

So this ANTIFA nonsense that has plagued the United States since before the Presidential election . . . . was obviously being financed by certain rich foreign elements . . . . who are now under arrest and their money impounded.

A lot remains to be done.

There are AMERICANS — some of whom hold high federal offices — who were involved in 9/11 and a slew of other monstrous atrocities since then.

They are reportedly on the list of “things to do” for the Trump Administration.

Want some hints as to who they are?

The ones in government screeching the loudest against President Trump will give you a really good idea; Republicans too.

In one case, a guy with a track record of betraying our country, has continued to do so for years . . . . and the son of a bitch dares to hold himself out as some sort of Honorable man.

It is going to be a really wonderful day to see that one taken away in handcuffs.

God Bless Donald J. Trump and God Bless the United States of America.


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V5 IN-ITINERE BY APOSTILLE; Be a Neutral within Martial Law . $30.00
A ‘Mission Statement’ as to your sojourn here… Prepared by TAB!
A90 INVISIBLE CONTRACTS: by George Mercier ………………. $60.00
A37 I WANTS TO OWN MY LAND: …………………………………. $45.00
On Allodial Land Issues and ownership of Property…
A33 METRO 1313 -The Head of the Beast at County Level … $19.00
Surprising and shocking!
A209 [THE] MEMORANDUM BOOK ………………………………….$35.00
A215-FULL VERSION HR 3474 – REGIELE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT REGULATORY IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 1994 103RD Congress – The undisclosed codification of the New World Order! Full version – 333 pages ………………………………………………………………. $120.00
A79 PRIVATE COMMERCIAL LIEN BOOK ……………………….. $100.00
A203 REDEMPTION PRIMER ………………………………………. $10.00
Intro to what Redemption is!
A92 REDEMPTION COMPANION …………………………………… $47.00
Over 100 Articles published in TAB on every facet of Redemption!
A100 REDEMPTION – COLD HARD FACTS ……………………… $63.00
Advanced information for the secured party
A212 PRISON PACKET [The] ……………………………………….. $35.00
Info to know before you get into trouble and for prisoners!
A9 SHETAR’S EFFECT ON ENGLISH LAW [applied to Mortgages] .. $10.00
A8 STOP THE IRS – Where’s Your Authority ……………………. $10.00
A39 TRAVEL BY RIGHT – “No License” Driving Revealed! …….. $45.00
A11 UNITED STATES IS BANKRUPT NOW! – ……………………… $30.00
A7 WAR POWERS ACT LEGISLATION …………………………….. $36.00
A219 POSSE COMITATUS – On the Power of the County! ……. $ 31.00
A220 NO TREASON, by Lysander Spooner (1800’s) ………….. $ 14.00
A205 Sample Forms Book …………………………………………… $35.00
12 UCC samples Plus educational section Shipping included with all books… except A63 with shipping and handling @ $35.00 and A215 @ $25.00 Allow 2 weeks for delivery… send Facility Check or Postal Money Order and Book order to: The American’s Bulletin PO Box 3096 Central Point, Oregon [ 97502 ] The American’s Bulletin – The Only America First – Truth Exposing – Wake Up and Smell the Coffee …Free Press Newspaper for the American people! Continuously published for over 43 years! All other ‘socialist’ – Major Corporate Owned Newspapers Fail to Fully Inform and are not America First! What are YOU reading? Who Do You Support? Keep the FIRST AMENDMENT and the FREE PRESS ALIVE and the Presses Rolling! Subscribe!!! Opera Opera Opera Opera

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